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This is a Continuation of the Was it Armageddon?

Events of April 1998

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Story.--events involving Aliens running the secret government that have been using and abusing scientists and government officials to promote a tyrannical and draconian form of control over the people and resources of this planet. These aliens we call Annunaki... from the book by Zechariah Sitchin, but they are believed to be from Orion and have a negative reptilian nature. Questions and answers they give can be found at Aliens.html More details on the variety of types of Aliens can be found in The Prism of Lyra by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest.

Easter Monument - the Resurrection

Easter Sunday afternoon 4/12/98
from Jack

Freckles has been barking for short periods since early afternoon. Then I notice the more or less regular timing intervals between barks. So I start timing. She jumps up from napping, runs to the picture window area and looks straight ahead (12 feet off the ground) and starts about 3 minutes of barking at least 25 times since early afternoon, in 6 to 10-minute intervals. It is now 4:45 PM. I finally had to ask my guides what was going on and was told that a large UFO craft landing and taking off periodically on my south lawn in front of the picture windows.

So I tuned into this situation and said that this was my property and I would appreciate knowing what is going on. I receive the answer "No it isn't. It is our property. We have been given permission by All that Is to build a memorial to our fallen comrades. We were defeated in what was our greatest military humiliation, but it turned out to be our greatest victory, since we have all been infilled with unconditional love by Jack's God All that Is. Actually it is everyone's God since we are all a part of All that Is, but we did not know it until now. "

I was really curious about what this memorial looked like. So I contacted Scott Eldridge, an email friend who is an instructor at a school for psychic development, and asked him to tune in on the memorial erected by the Reptilians in my back yard. Here is his report:

Your Roadside Attraction:

I took a look at the structure in your property, and this is what I saw psychically. I'm not good on the specific visual look of things seen from my sixth chakra. I more get information about the energy with a few 3D-type impressions.
The thing seem skewed in terms of its orientation to your house. It appears to be oriented on or aligned somehow to a star system (or something) that is at about 290 degrees (little north of west) and maybe 60 degrees up from the horizon. (I suppose the orientation could change depending on the time. I was looking in real time at 12:30 PM on Saturday.)

The bottom part of the structure appears to be made from or filled with war stuff from the battle. Around the top part is an energy that I would call a variation on what you called, I think, "unconditional love. " God's light.

The variation is that its vibration is of a kind that they can have, that resonates with a similar spark within them (those who visit). It's a different energy from what works for you but then they're in a different place, on a number of levels.

The "elevators" go up to a space in which I see a wall or plaque covered in "writing." Seems to be the story of the battle. The purpose, as I see it on an energy level is that it allows those who visit to move some energy within them that needs to move, and move out before the energy that surrounds the room can come in and begin to feed their own matching spark. I see grief over the battle and old anger, possibly so old they don't recognize its presence within them any longer, as energies needing to move. Each visitor takes back what they can.

Seems their race has been really shaken up by the occurrences. Some few were injured in the battle and survived, but most seem to be gone, their life force neutralized back to non-individualized energy, no longer part of the race. Somewhat like the scene in star Wars where Obi Wan feels the shock in the "Force" when a whole planet is destroyed. I also see visitors, as they pass your house on the way to the memorial, making a bowing gesture of respect. You appear to have become an intergalactic holy man.

Of Course everyone sees and reads energy differently, and your mileage may vary. But food for thought. You might want to check with Sir Henry, another source, about what I said before passing it on. I am, in fact curious, as to the meaning of the structure's orientation. Regards, Scott..

Jack wrote the following Email in reply:

Dear Scott:
Wow! During a lot of the episodes I wrote to you about, I seemed to be sort of "out of it", like I was following a script I had been rehearsing a long time, and I was playing a role. It still seems unreal. But your letter adds confirmation from an authority which I greatly respect. So I deeply appreciate your looking into this situation for me.

Jack O'Brien

Here is a subsequent letter to Scott from Jack:
Scott: It seems that I have a Reptilian adviser, the one who first appeared to me and laid his sword and shield at my feet. He is now the official curator and guide to the memorial his race erected in my back yard. Here is his description of it:

He says that the sword part of the building is indeed tilted at 60 degrees from vertical because that is the angle of their sword when it is in its sheath. They have found that it can be drawn quicker by the opposite hand if the sword is angled downward and backward when hanging on their belt, instead of straight down. In other words the tilted angle is meaningful to those in his race as being a peace symbol. This makes perfect sense, and confirms your impression. The 290 degree orientation takes advantage of a group of house-sized rocks located directly west of my house with the tallest located a little north of west of my house which is apparently the anchoring point of the sword handle. The visitor's area is made of a large transparent hemispherical dome (made in four 90 degree sections) which encloses the lower end of the stainless steel blade. The elevators go up to the smaller hemispherical dome on top of the larger one where the energy transfer takes place. This dome has a dark blue tint. By the way, the Lieutenant says the steel sword is symbolic. They use light energy swords ala Star Wars. He also says different races have different days allotted to them so there will not be intermingling of the races, but the memorial has done a lot to reconcile any differences because they all have great respect and honor for their war dead.

From Jack's log, April 15, 1998 :

This is a letter channeled from Sir Henry, the Deva.

It pretty well summarized his work in this effort, and provides some predictions for the future.

Dear Jack:
Much has transpired since I last reported in. We have been up to our eyeballs in work, saving the planet from the "bad guys" who have now left the earth clean and unspoiled, ready to be occupied by the "good guys" who are immersed in unconditional love from, as you call Him, "All that Is". Actually that is a good name because it says it all and is not connected with any denomination. I was with you both times the battles raged around your house. You acted wisely and responsibly to this display of power, by ignoring it. You were defenseless so you were out of it, despite the fact that it was you they were after.
But all is peaceful now. I am still working with the Aliens, making them feel welcome in a brand new world without their domination. In fact that is my new assignment, to be Earth's ambassador to alien envoys from all over the galaxy who are interested in reviewing the battle ground and observing the magnificent structure being erected in your back yard. I wish you could see it, it is beautiful. It has your name engraved on a plaque in the entrance, and the gifts showered on you by the forgiven aliens are on display in the entrance also, as you requested.
With your permission, I will take the sword and shield off your wall and also place it on display with this group.

In regard to what I have been up to, I have visited Osiris in his negative prison and led him into the light as I have done so many times before for others. This time he had enough experience with the negatives, since he was powerless to neutralize any of their power. He had to come out into the light in order to regain his strength and be re-inserted into his physical body.

He is all right now, and will soon show up at your door. It is his first priority so you may expect him soon. He will provide all the proof that you need that the experiences you have had over the past couple of weeks were very real, and were of utmost importance as you and many other Light Workers completed their assignments in bringing about the overthrow of the negative aliens who have so long ruled the earth, going back centuries, as is chronicled in several channeled reports on Spiritweb.

I have also had conversations with Mother Earth as to her plans for this area in the immediate future. She says she has developed an aura of protection around Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas in addition to several other places that are not going to experience any appreciable changes.

But not so for the rest of the world. All outside this shield will experience various degrees of damage and death, for reasons not known to me, but as part of Her plan to establish a Heaven on Earth. She did not think it would be possible for centuries, but it will happen within the next two years, before the year 2,000 is ushered in.

You will be contacted by the Government to tell what you know about the complete about face of the Reptilians and some of the Grays who have had a strangle hold on the governments and economy of not only the U.S. but most other nations of any global importance.

It is time now to rebuild and look forward to a meaningful existence on earth. It's about time.

But for me and my band of Elementals, we shall be assigned to different galaxies to carry the seeds of Unconditional Love which is the essence of All that Is, into the worlds around the universe. The seal of this secret has been broken by you and your fellow workers, and released to the entire universe. It is a long time coming. This is similar to the work I just completed in spreading the Spurling wave forms around the world, but on a galactic scale. I am really looking forward to these assignments, as I travel from one galaxy to another, bringing this gift to those who are ready to receive. Most are, as the word continues to spread.

Goodbye for now, and I will keep in touch with you and your coworkers. You are not finished with me yet!
Yours in love, Unconditional Love,
Sir Henry.

Further notes from Jack's log:

So ends this fourth chapter of "Was It Armageddon".
I had hoped at the time it would be the final ending. But I was wrong. Subsequent adventures have since been written which are listed on this website.

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