Updated as of 2007.
The Horror that almost destroyed Earth in 1998, we call ARMAGEDDON. This is a tale of a victory for light in the long battle of darkness to take over this jewel of a planet. Revolting aliens of the darkest and most malign nature had control of a scientist friend pseudonym, Osiris. He was a top scientist at NASA doing research on Mars through the 1980's and 1990's. We found out through remote viewing, that in 1996, he was terrorized, implanted and forced to work for the negative aliens giving false and misleading information to public agencies and doing navigational work for them. He was trained for special off planet missions. Because of Isis' awareness of the malignant intentions of the aliens in charge of this, he did not leave, but those who did go, have not returned.
He could not choose his friends nor his job; he was monitored and spied on in every deed and thought he had. He was totally controlled and unable to escape. Indeed he could not even open his mouth to say anything that they did not monitor. As his friend, Isis became involved with these entities. Some thug-like group of non human beings commanded Isis in April 1997, "He belongs to us; leave him alone."

Isis and her friend Jack refused to accept this and a terrific battle commenced when they succeeded in putting a shield around Osiris, so he could escape their power.

This account explains how the events transpired and is unedited as they occured, so that the truth and power of the events comes through. Osiris is still living under surveillance.

In the endless story of human victories against evil dragons (Draconians?) this tale will surely be recorded.
Update 2007. Osiris lives and has survived. His mind is still confused and he may still be monitored by some group belonging to a secret organization and connected to alien energy. We are grateful for all the improvements in his life. I wish to thank all my friends and helpers who believed in me through this unbelievable story. It is now 9 years past, and yet the events are as real now as they were then. At Jack's web site he has a citation from "An Overview of Extraterrestrial Races" by Rolf Waeber who has written a book about Extraterrestrials that says this date April 4, 1998 was indeed the date of Armageddon. Jack and Isis both know that to be true because we lived every moment of it.
Human beings will not have to suffer this terrible domination by malignant aliens in any other place in the galaxy because of what we have suffered at this cusp of the 21st Century. We are the ambassadors who will know how to deal with this dark insidious thing called evil as we take human nature out into the galaxy and fulfill our destiny in the stars. As hard as all this has been, I live in optimism that love prevails through all darkness, that God is so much greater than this alien evil and that the future for man is one of nobility as the very essence of God.


  • Letter to CNN and Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia from ISIS asking for investigation of the NSA, the secret black agency of our government responsible for the torture and abuse of scientists. Sept.99. This did change things.
  • Questions and Answers from the Aliens who captured Osiris. Information to shake your paradigms or dominant ontology! Details about destruction and bases on Mars.
  • Find out about the reasons for negative alien involvement in human affairs here and about the Men in Black who are so anxious to keep us from our true soul-filled and multidimensional abilities below... in sources by Barbara Hand Clow and many others below. Scroll down.
  • Follow up letters from Jack about Annu, the Annunaki female who was helping restore the humans involved in the robotization program at Y.


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