A Letter to Osiris: RE: Ascension:
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 13:09:54 -1000

About Ascension by Isis Astarte:
Preamble: Many people seem to be confused about what ASCENSION will be like. Some see that it will be space ships coming down and taking us off like Gilgamesh and the drawings from the ancient Sumerian pictographs of space ships as seen in Zechariah Sitchen's books. Others feel that we will suddenly wake up in a world of light where there are no evil beings and all the dark entities have disappeared into another world where they can continue their selfishness and greed. I wanted to give my input on what I feel is more likely from my own experiences of altered reality states.

The ascension to the 5th Dimension.. is less about exotic journeys, than a state of awareness within. Inspite of these pictures Sue and Roger have of zooming through wormholes and landing in a mirror universe and so forth... the 5th dimension is a vibration - a frequency you can hold that changes everything around you. It changes your perspective on everything. It lifts you out of the polarity of 3rd and 4th dimensional frequency.

You vibrate to that higher vibratory level. I see that as feeling as if everything around you is ONE with you.. the trees, the grass, the wind, the air.. all is a part of your own body. This same experience I have had in the shower, where water and I became one substance....I knew water AS water itself, not from outside of it. I was still myself, a human being, but I could never disassociate myself from the environment around me again, for I knew that I and it are ONE and the same thing. I also experienced this cleaning mildew off dried peppers one day in Muktananda's ashram in Miami. As I rubbed the pepper I felt the same movement of my finger in my solar plexus, and as I stroked the pepper, so my solar plexus was stroked. Thus I knew that I and that pepper were one and the same. This is my concept of the 5th dimensional frequency when the opportunity to know the one-ness of all things is a living reality.

This sense of experiencing the ONENESS of all was accompanied by a great joy and sense of "belonging." It was no longer "me" against the world, or me being responsible for everything. I knew then my part in the greater whole. There is so much less to struggle with or about. When you act or perform a task in the 5th dimension, all you need to know is that your needs will be felt by others and there will naturally be a union of effort in all that needs to get done.

I remember being in Muktananda's Ashram in Ganeshpuri, India rushing to get the leaves raked up so I could attend a special event with the guru. I was looking at the large pile of leaves and my tiny rake and realized that I would probably not make it on time. This thought went out into the ethers that I needed help. Within 2 minutes of my thought, three hearty Indians came over and started raking with me. The job was done in five minutes and I was on my way to the program. They had felt my need and because we were all existing in the rarefied atmosphere of an Ashram, we were as ONE in the 5th dimensional frequency. This is a harmonic and gracious state to be in. This is thus my understanding of what it meansto be on the 5th dimension. Everyone is operating from the Higher Mind, or Higher Self, or Ka where everything is optimally harmonious and supportive of creativity and light.

As the Earth is already there in the 5th dimension... the elements of the 3rd and 4th dimension where we see polarities etc.. disappear. Disharmony, selfishness, greed, selfserving cannot exist in the 5th dimensional frequency because there is NO polarity at that level.. all is harmony. There is no separation from the Self or One.

Once I disappeared at the Honolulu Airport..and no one could see me!

Back in July of 97..I was invisble that day not because I was gone on a space ship or through a worm hole. I just was vibrating in such a place of incredible PEACE and one-ness with everything.. I just had no issues no polarity .. I was CALM.. PRESENT.. nothing was reacting to anything.. I was just an awareness. So I could not be seen by people in the 3rd dimension.. or frequency.. so I was in essence INVISIBLE to them.
But had you been there.. and vibrating at the same frequency as me, .. you would have seen me. We would have been in a wonderful harmonious state..very conscious and aware of everyone around us, but not reacting or feeling any need to be IN a lower state.
Here is an analogy. Imagine you have a telescope and you look through it and you see that the world is miniature. There is tiny everything in your scope. Now you turn the scope around and look through the small end and suddenly you see everything in large scale.. you can really study it and it looks a whole lot more interesting.. through this narrow lense seeing the world maginified.
You feel "Yes I could live in that world, but I cannot now return to that tiny miniature world since I have discovered this much more interesting one.."
So you think well maybe I should take another look through the wide end and see that miniature world again.. just to see if it changed or not. So you turn the telescope around and take another look at the miniature world. Well this is not the same now because you know that there is the other world you can see through the narrow end of the telescope. So this miniature world starts to seem meaningless to you.. and you really would rather stop keep on looking at it.. I mean.. Why would you bother with it any more when you know there is something far more interesting and glorious in the other way of looking at it? So after a good long look in which you feel very tired of this tiny world.. you finally turn the telescope to look through the narrow end and see the magnified world ALL the time.. You still know that the mini-world is there.. but you CHOOSE to hold this end of the telescope to your eye..and to see this better picture of everything.

I am sure that THIS is what happens with the ascension process. Once you see everything in glorious harmony and peace even a glimpse of it ..you may still slip in and out of the lower dimensions since, lawd knows.. you have to go to the bathroom still...you still have to interact with the people at the 3rd dim. frequency who are still there.. but you do not HAVE TO remain there in the "pain of polarity."
(Please note I have just coined a copyright on this phrase****) Haha...We shall still have to listen to people drone on about their problems, smell the smoke from their cigarettes and watch them get drunk or do those mindless acts they do in unconsciousness. But you know that you do not have to stay there in the "mini" world with them. You have a whole better world to visit through your telescope.

What is so fun about it is.. they exist in your 5th dimesnsional world as their 5th dimensional harmonious selves... but to them you are not "there" in their 3rd dimensional world.. you have just dropped off the visibility and interactivity map to them.. You have ceased to exist for them. They cannot "see" you even though you are "there."

I trust therefore that in your seeking for this ascension process.. you at least put this into your awareness. This could be a possible way of existing in the 5th dimension without the world coming to a staggering disaster!

May the world of 2000 find you in the 5th dimensional frequency*.

I certainly know it has been a great journey getting to this letter. . Aloha, and Greetings.. Your 5th dimensional master here to create heaven on Earth.. Isis Return to Homepage Spiritual Menu