compiled by Ruth Trimble

Ken Wilber A Brief History of Everything Shambhala 1996

"Evolution is a wildly self-transcending process: it has the utterly amazing capacity to go beyond what went before. So evolution is in part a process of transcendence, which incorporates what went before and then adds incredibly novel components. " p. 23 "So I would like to introduce this term, Kosmos. And, as you point out, the Kosmos contains the cosmos (or the physiosphere), the bios(or biosphere), psyche or nous(noosphere), and theos (the theosphere or divine domain.). .....the physical cosmos is somehow supposed to be the most real dimension, and everything else is explained with ultimate reference to this material plane. p. 19 ....The Kosmos, it seems, unfolds in quantum leaps of creative emergence. p. 24 .... because the universe has direction, we ourselves have direction. ... As Emerson put it, we lie in the lap of immense intelligence, which by any other name is Spirit. There is a theme inscribed on the original face of the Kosmos. There is a pattern written on the wall of Nothingness. ...I think the sages ... embody the very drive of the Kosmos toward greater depth and expanding consciousness. I think...they disclose the face of tomorrow, they open us to the heart of our own destiny, which is also already right now in the timelessness of this very moment" p. 42

Stanislav Grof The Holotropic Mind Harper Collins 1993

"...the human psyche has the potential for transcending what we ordinarily consider the limitations of space and time. Modern consciousness research reveals that our psyches have no real and absolute boundaries; on the contrary, we are part of an infinite field of consciousness that encompasses all there is-- beyond space-time and into realities we have yet to explore. "p.202 "Within the present century, academic psychology and psychiatry dismissed spirituality as a product of superstition, primitive magical thinking, and outright pathology. However, in the emerging understanding provided us by modern consciousness research...we are beginning to see that spirituality is inspired and sustained by perinatal and transpersonal experiences that originate in the deepest recesses of the human mind. ...Moreover, it has become obvious that human beings have a profound need for transpersonal experiences and for states in which they transcend their individual identities to feel their place in a larger whole that is timeless. " p.204

Gopi Krishna Living with Kundalini Shambhala, 1993

"The idea that under the direct influence of the cosmic Life Energy the human brain is still in a state of organic evolution is a fact so important that, compared to it, all other discoveries of modern science pale into insignificance. Continued evolution of the human organism, in its turn, points unmistakably towards a conclustion which is often discredited by the orthodox evolutionists of our day. What it clearly implies is that there must exist a predetermined target or, in other words, an already existing blueprint of consciousness towards which humanity is evolving." p.377++ Alice Bailey Education in the New Age Lucis 1954 "The fundamental necessity which today confronts the educational world is the need to relate the process of unfolding the human mentality to the world of meaning, and not the world of objective phenomena. Until the aim of education is to orient a man to this inner world of realities, we shall have the misplaced emphasis of the present time. Until we can arrive in our educational objectives at the bridging of the gap between the three lower aspects of man and the soul....we shall make but little progess in right directions and all interim activity will be inadequate to the modern need. " p.16

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