This is a letter I wrote on September 5, 1999 to the CNN Program called "The O'Reilly Factor where Bill O'Reilly interviewed Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia. I also sent a copy to Peter Gersten of CAUS.(Citizens Against UFO Secrecy )

Update of 10.10.99 The effect of this letter has been profound. Osiris appears not to be spied on both inside and outside his mind now. There is an organized effort to rehabilitate him and reverse the terrible implanted devices that limit his ability to speak his own heart. We report daily he experiences something called "happiness" which has been absent for so long, and he appears to have signs of revitalization. This has given the fearsome foursome a great deal of hope that our legitimate government can indeed reverse the gruesome trends of murder, mind control, and robotization inside secret agencies. We are delighted to see concrete results of our efforts to bring this planet out of darkness and destruction.

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I heard the Bill O'Reilly show, CNN "The O'Reilly Factor" today, Sept. 4th, 1999 and an interview with Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia, that questions are now being asked of the NSA and their secret snooping on the citizens of this country. I believe that this may be an indication that questions of this agency and its "out of control" behavior are beginning to be heard..at last! We have been waiting hoping for this for some time.

Why? Because there is no oversight of this agency, and they are the ones responsible for the secrecy you are dealing with in the UFO coverup. They are also responsible for the terrible torture and egregious abuse of my astronaut friend and many others. As I have testified before, I have been snooped on (through the telephone, at work and during travels around the country as have my associates) for at least three years because of my association with a former NASA Astronaut and Mars Project Leader, who has had his mind altered to make him almost a "robotic" human. He cannot say what he thinks or feels and stops in mid-sentence if he tries to express any information about his trips to Mars and the type of mind control he has been subjected to. The grief he feels at this destruction of his mind.. a mind that is one of the finest in science.. is inestimable. He is by no means alone. There are thousands of others in this plight also..it is ' a living prison' ... they are 'dead while still living' and ' zombies' are words that come to my mind. All thanks to the NSA and their "security" of these United States from ... well we have no idea what we are being protected from here.. but I think most of the citizens need protection from the NSA.

In my friend's case I know that on May 3, 1998, he was operated on under protest and had some device implanted into his brain that makes him unable to speak his true mind. This was done in Yuma, Arizona. He expected to die of a brain aneurism, but thanks to our efforts, he survived. The story of this and much more is at the web site below. This type of outrage against human rights is little different than what I read in Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitzen. Did these same thugs leave the USSR and come to the NSA and the CIA?

Isn't it time that someone begin to ask questions about the NSA and find out just how our true security is in danger by their secret behavior and violations of the constitutional rights of citizens of this country? Or is the constitution just a piece of paper? Isn't it time that someone in the legitimate government had the moral and spiritual courage to take on one of the greatest evil leviathans of our century? Where is there in a free democratic society any place for this type of power, control over scientists, media and leaders of our society, and gross and egregious violation of our constitution without any oversight or control by the people? It is an anathema to all our statements about what democracy is. No enemies of the country could ever be more dangerous to us than these secret black government agencies.

Just as I was writing this, the line went dead. Same old same old. This has been the situation in my life and the lives of anyone who has tried to help my scientist friend. We wonder how can this happen to America? Is it too late to open this agency up and clean it out? This is what I am asking as a citizen and victim, and as a friend of someone who has suffered inestimable harm at their hands. I write from my heart, knowing that he has suffered too much... When is someone going to hear this call from my heart? When will these prisoners be free from their horror? We censure other countries for their HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, but who is concerned about these American victims' human rights?

I can only hope that this letter encourages your scrutiny and curiosity; and you will investigate further. There is a huge human tragedy in our society today that is virtually hidden under our noses. Begin with these secret agencies and have plenty of courage, for they will use the darkest forms of attack to silence you. But they have not silenced me. They have threatened my life indeed. My friend has had to stop writing to me in fear of my life. They have followed me for at least three years, even coming on a public bus disguised as a handicapped person in order to extract information from me. Who pays for all this? Who can play expensive games like this with our taxes? If the local politicians did it, there would be an outrage.

Who speaks against these agencies? Only the courageous and perhaps insignificant folks like me. I am just a woman who has seen what they do. I am trying just one more avenue to tell this story.. .to drive it home somehow into the consciousness of good men. Today it is the scientists, tomorrow it could be everyone else. Who can stop it? On behalf of humanity, I say this must END. We have been waiting for years to see someone protest this outrageous use of secrecy, black magic and negative psychic attacks. All the arsenal of MKULTR mind control has been used on decent scientists and for WHAT?

The secrets they wish to hide are all known to clairvoyants, to God and Goddess, to remote viewers. There are no secrets anywhere in God's universe that cannot be known by a fully awake human being. Who are they kidding? Can they expect to murder and maim indefinitely?

In the name of Goddess, I protest this violation of the rights of these people everywhere who have been or are being controlled, handled or dominated to prevent them speaking their truth.

She is speaking through my words. "Justice will be done in the name of truth. It is inevitable." Sincerely, Ruth

*My web site explains some of the horrors my friend has suffered as a victim of these secret agencies. He has been on time experiments, travelled to Mars more than once in a government engineered space craft and has been assisting some very negative Alien groups to set up navigation devices for their craft. Stewart Swerdlow has written a book about his experiences called "Montauk:The Alien Connection" Order here that explains a great deal of the same traumas that my friend has suffered.

I ask you to suspend normal reactions when reading any of this material as it makes Hitler seem like a kindergarten cop! I wish it had not occurred and was not true. But it is all true as it happened.

So Be It.
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