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Human Mind Control & Loss of Will

"Om purnamadah purnamidam
purnat purnamudacate,
Purnasya purnamadaya
Om. That is perfect. This is perfect. From the perfect springs the perfect.
If the perfect is taken from the perfect, the perfect remains.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama:
I wish to take this opportunity to specially commend and express my deep admiration and respect for the defenders of human rights everywhere in the world. These people are truly making a difference in people's lives by documenting human rights abuses and working to alleviate them. I consider human rights work or activism to be a kind of spiritual practice. By defending those people who are persecuted for their race religion, ethnicity or ideology, you are actually contributing to guiding our human family to peace, justice and dignity. "So be it."

The following is to the prisoners of mind control. Except for the information that has been taken from published sources which must be correctly cited to avoid copyright infringements, the material is freely offered to mankind as a quiet voice for the love of God among us, for justice for all souls, and for the inestimable joy of light that is the human destiny. .
This article is dedicated to Osiris , my Astronaut friend,and others who have been robotized, controlled and taken over by evil enemies of humanity and reduced to living in an inner cell of silent horror. This article is a message to these volunteers for planetary freedom that they are NOT forgotten. The bars of their prison will be broken open by the light of joy. The best hearts and angels are at work, seeking to find out how they have been taken over, how they have had their Will stolen, and in some cases, their souls. The answers exist. The power of love is sufficient to heal all these wounds. The future speaks of your freedom. Your progenitors and future selves speak through Isis now to tell you, "Be at peace" for the day of your freedom exists in the upper realms and will soon manifest in the physical. Examine your guilts for this is how you are manhandled and manipulated. Give your bundle of fears and sadnesses to your God, Christ, Buddha, Brahma; you will be set free. Chant this mantra Om Namah Shivaya , and see everything become light within your heart. I send you all my blessings. I speak from the Goddess of all when I say, "I love you. I am you. There is peace within you. You will be freed. The light is here. See it within your own mind. Polish your mind, find its light and peace. Seek the peace within your own heart and seize every opportunity this nightmare has given you to examine your own projections, guilts and follies. Then ask for the light of God to shine upon you and remove your sins. The chance to be clear is in every breath you take. Rest between each breath and feel the moment of utter peace and stillness there. This is who you are. I will see you ALL restored again." Isis.
Who is Controlled and Why?
The method by which human beings who are in top government and scientific positions have been unable to speak about what they know of the real colonization of space has puzzled many frustrated investigators. Humanity wants to know why top officials cannot speak the truth of what goes on with the secret agencies of the world government. Real human beings want to know the truth about why the Mars missions fail, and why the Monuments on Mars have been destroyed. They want to know why intricate crop circles appear in fields and no reports appear in the newspapers any more. They want to know why strange vehicles appear in our skies and our Air Force creates farcical lies about them

Human Beings want to know why strange mutilations of animals appear all over the planet, and no government is willing to admit knowledge of the reasons. Why do none of the parties and witnesses involved, the thousands of military experts, politicians and scientists speak of it? Human beings with their minds still functioning, want to know and have every right to know. What is going on? What force keeps these witnesses universally silent in the face of clear evidence of these phenomena? Unless we find out, we are all being betrayed, cheated and duped; we cannot be in charge or our own destiny unless we know the facts. . (see this site in Australia for more information on human predation and slavery in the form of thought and media control)

One group of silent witnesses to this dark and furtive world~~ the scientists, have been enlisted by false lures into becoming puppets for secret agendas to destroy humanity as a species, and take over the resources of the planet. Why don't the scientists speak of the unknown anomalies that ordinary citizens see every night in their skies? Why are astronomers being murdered? What celestial phenomena do they see in the skies that must be silenced? It has become apparent to Isis through her relationship to Osiris, that the scientists are not able speak for threat and fear for their lives and those of their families and loved ones. (see updates on Osiris)They cannot speak about what they know from having signed their souls away in evil contracts with black secret agencies; they cannot speak because of the devices that have been placed into their bodies (implants) and etheric auras to ensure their silence. They cannot speak because to speak about the phenomena that they see in the skies, would terrify and alarm the human population or alert it to the truth about this planet. For now there is silence. Perhaps it is that the negative agenda for our planet has the upper hand.

We are not alone on our planet and never have been. The AmerIndians and other native peoples have been meeting aliens from other star systems for millenia. The evidence is all around us. The crop circles are evidence that we cannot ignore, and yet our controlling media/government coalition never reports on this topic any more hoping that we will forget it. The books by Von Daniken and Sitchen give plenty of archeological facts to support the real history of our planet. Any search on the Internet reveals thousands of web sites that have witnesses and victims to support alien presence on Earth. The indigenous people are not shocked by these visitors, and I am sure that the rest of the plant will not be either.

Most of the planet is aware of the alien presence of at least the little grey Zetas which were so fondly characterised in the movie "ET." The secrecy is far more frightening than the truth. See data from the Cassiopaens. Through programming and careful control over the past 300,000 years, the facts of our space visitors have been hidden and ridiculed. We have been programmed to believe we are alone in this vast unfathomable space. Through the Bible and Anthrocentrism we have been told "Humanity is alone." When I tell young people that there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on any beach, I can see that this is a shock. Raised on lies, they had been programmed to believe we are truly alone inspite of a huge universe of evidence to the contrary. Our controllers do not want us to know of our cosmic role and multidimensional greatness, our friends and relatives in the stars and our incredible destiny as a planet of harmony and interaction with all space beings.

So how in the face of all this evidence, can so many be silenced? They are the newspapers, the reporters, the politicians, the secret agencies, the government workers, the scientists and so on. How can all of these people be silent about what is truly happening? What methods keep them quiet? It does not take a brilliant mind to realize that these aliens, particularly the very mischievous, cold, scientific little green men who have a very advanced technology. They are a race that was human at one point and destroyed their own planet with fighting. They chose to destroy their emotional bodies rather than understand themselves more fully. The result is that over their evolution they do not have individual existence and their essence is almost extinct. They are about to cease to exist in the universe, since they have squeezed their emotional body, their will and their intuition out of existence. This essence is the nectar of the divine which each human child is endowed with by birthright. That is why a human birth is so very significant. Not all beings that exist in this universe enjoy such divine gifts as man does. Here we are with all the treasures of the universe in our hearts and we are barely awake to this fact.

Since the Zeta do not have this essence themselves, and it is necessary for survival past the year 2013, they have been frantically and in desperation farming humanity to try to include their DNA into our life forms. Thus they have introduced their technologies that have produced the UFO vehicles that are seen regularly around the world, they have been abducting humans for use in breeding programs, AND they and their allies or controllers perhaps, the Draco and Reptilians or "Lizzies" have introduced demonic methods of controlling human beings to keep their dirty work secret. To think that this is not possible is to be truly naive.

Not only have they done this to prevent their own extinction, but they have had cooperation from certain other alien "leaders" around the world who have a desire to control the planet--these are the Reptiles who shape shift as human beings unfortunately and cannot always be detected unless one is aware of body auras and feeling energies.

Add this all up, and you have the situation that exists today. Not all visitors are here to interfere. Most alien visitors respect the "free will" rule here and will not violate it. However, the Zeta are so desperate that they seem not to care about violating this rule. They usually take their victims during unconscious states when the low self (see my article on how the subconscious works) is in charge of the body and the aliens can easily persuade the lower self to cooperate in their agenda. This makes it appear that they are not violating the rule of free will choice, but since the conscious mind has no memory or knowledge of the use of the body This is just one of the alien groups that have been up to mischief in our solar system. The scientists have been hypnotized through drugs and had their subconscious programmed without mercy or compassion, without respect for their dignity, and their soul's right to life. These methods, including use of drugs, sex and fear, are based on a deep knowledge of the mind/body connection. How has this programming and silencing been done? The unsuspecting and trusting scientists, volunteered to surrender their Will in the name of loyalty to their country and to the tenets of space exploration and knowledge. For this they have given up the most precious gift they can know~~ their FREE WILL to beings without any love or even souls. Data about these aggressive and negative controllers can be found at The Leading Edge web site, and at David Icke's site. Information about how the evil ones operate is available at this site at Evil.html .

NOW the hapless victims do not have the free choice to say what they wish to speak. They are robotized and controlled. Some have actually lost their souls and are walking dead. Some are programmed to speak lies. Some are programmed to spread fear. Some are programmed to murder and mayhem. Some are programmed to enact terroristic actions like the LA Riots, theOklahoma bombing and the Olympic bomb at Atlanta. They are dead while living. They exist inside a prison where their true feelings and knowledge can never be spoken to others. Isis can see these programs as tiny miniscule worms in the brain. They lie dormant in the mind until triggered by a key word, a phone call, an electrical or microwave stimulus, and then they become active and take over the mind of the victim causing the victim to act as one "possessed." These tales of "possession" are dramatically evident in the newspapers daily. ( A similar etherically implanted device-The Andromeda Strain has been used widely by the secret agencies of the US Gov. to intimidate and destablize anyone who they perceive as threatening their monopoly of control. This implant was used on at least 5 people that I know to induce feelings of suicide, despair, and madness. My exposure to this implant came from an acquaintance with a CIA operative in the 80's, and that was how I recognized it in others.)

The scientists and others have been unable to speak their truth because of an implant in the voice box. Through clairvoyance and the guidance of her higher self, Isis has discovered how this implant operates to stop victims speaking on any topic not censored by their handlers, or controllers. This information is fully explained under "Etheric Implants" in Implants.html at this site. The implant that Isis saw was afixed in a C shape to the front of the throat over the voice box. It was about 2" high and fitted around the throat on each side up to where the ear is. In the left side of the device was an orange microchip that sent and received messages from a satellite controlled by the darkest evil beings who wish to control the planet Earth, the Draco. Out of the frontal lobes of each victim was a transmittal device that triangulated onto this satellite and beamed up any intention that the victim had to speak. If that intention involved a key concept or word, such as "Mars" with revelations about visits to Mars and secret bases on it, that signal would activate the satellite, and it would immediately beam down a signal to the orange implant on the voice box to stop the victim uttering any words. Nothing would come out of their mouths.

This information confirms the behavior Osiris exhibited after he had been surgically implanted in May 1998. When Osiris was about to speak about phenomenon or experiences he has had in the secret work he has done on Mars, his the words would be cut off mid sentence and he would have this look of surprise on his face. It was as if he expected a word to emerge from his mouth, but it did not. He seemed to have no control over this and no way to convey what he had been trying to say. His eyes registered a look of surprise, shock and then at times, horror. It made him appear to be absent minded or thoughtless since he did not finish many sentences unless they were about totally inane and meaningless topics. The control device was obvious. How many politicians and leaders of our world are similarly implanted and controlled?

Dear Readers, if there are no speakers or leaders to testify to tyranny, and our dogmatic and idiotic code of science tells us that we can only trust the evidence of the 5 senses, it would appear that this campaign to silence all witnesses has been effective. It is imperative that we MUST depend more and more on those who have the ability to see BEYOND the limits of the 3rd dimensional mind. Is there much hope for us as a species or for our planet? It all depends on how we understand ourselves and learn to become masters within our own form. It is hoped this article can contribute something to this knowledge.

Humanity must cast off all the old dogma that we have been spoon-fed by church and society to keep us docile and bound in slavery to false ideas. It means working not on the outer technology of the microchip, but working on the inner realms of heart and soul to clear the subconscious and find out who a human being truly is.

It is time to go beyond the imposition of false limitations on the consciousness that the Divine ALL that IS has given us and let it expand into its full potential. It is time to use what we have, every single asset in our arsenal in order to bring the human race out of disaster. It is time to make the journey into the psyche or to perish, for our present way of managing has brought us to the brink of extinction. We must acquire the skills of clairvoyance and telepathy or we cannot overcome this enemy to our species. Isis has spoken.

The information here about the subconscious mind is not just the superstitious and quaint ideas of an almost extinct race of people, but the very voice of who we were before our FALL from GRACE. What the indigenous people of this planet have done for us now is to bring back to us the memory of WHO we truly are. They have preserved this information through many dark hours of human disintegration just so today you might hear this and remember it to be the truth and save yourselves.
Be humble human; be grateful for this help in the hour of your testing; out of love for God in you, the indigenous people have your memories intact, and your answers to who you are; from there the way home is assured.
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