Dealing with Entities:The Andromeda Strain

This is a true event that happened to a close friend of mine whose identity has been concealed. The entity that possessed my friend X was extremely strong and aggressive. The event happened in the Fall of 1998.

Letter to my friend, Jack: Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998 16:14:38

This morning I had read an email story of a woman who had been possessed by such a strange insect-like entity that had tried to make her feel suicidal and crazy. She called it "The Andromeda Strain." She had seen it enter another person and watched him go through the same symptoms that she had had. It seems to make one feel suicidal and have a sense of low self-worth. That night they did a ritual around a fire and invited all the light beings they could think of to come and help exorcise this entity from her friend. Eventually it was defeated, but it appeared to be a giant insect that crawled out of him. That same day X had a horrible attack by an entity. X had been feeling very weak and drained all day. We were going to the beach driving along the freeway when X started crying and screaming for no apparent reason. X was driving and crying and started to get more and more upset and driving erratically along the freeway. X was screaming at me to help, and I realized I was quite numb. I could hardly move. I was sitting there seeing that X was possessed by something, but I felt paralyzed. I wracked my brain for some help and some technique I had used before. I knew I was being deliberately prevented from seeing what it was or helping X. What finally jolted me out of the fog I was in was when X said, "I cannot stand this, take me to a hospital."

The night before X had been working at a restaurant and there had been a doctor there who had known X from another city.. strange coincidence. It was since X had spoken to this doctor that X had felt drained and weakened all during that day. I had suspected this doctor was not as innocent as he made out. He asked X to go to dinner with him, but since X was so ill, X declined his invitation. We had decided to go to the beach to make X feel better. Here we were driving on the freeway and this entity made its move to send X totally nuts.

This entity was clearly camoflaged from me. I could usually see anything on the 4th dimension, but this thing carefully kept a grey fog around my psychic senses. Suddenly the answer came to me through the fog!

The mantra -- my guru's gift... the sacred living Chaitanya mantra he had given all his devotees to use to call on his help. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA! I immediately remembered that what was happening to X was EXACTLY the same thing that had happened to Osiris about a year before. I remembered how it affected Osiris.. and X was feeling the same.... feeling X was too worthless to live, being drained of all energy.. feeling totally guilty for living. Osiris had been saved by my doing the mantra.. Om Namah Shivaya. My guru always said this mantra will empty hell. It saved his life then... and actually it saved ours too... as X was driving insanely and going into a nervous breakdown driving 60 mph on the freeway.

So I did the mantra intently into X's solar plexus. Immediately X said it moved up into the heart area. I pushed the mantra into the heart and then it started to move up to the throat. I just kept on doing the mantra into the area where X said it was as X could feel it coming up. After about 5 minutes, thank God,it had come up and out the top of the head. X was completely normal again and very much aware of the fact that this "andromeda strain" entity had been in control of her emotions and mind.

It felt disgusting, mean and very dominant.. and could throw camoflage over itself so I would not find it. It was such a revoltingly evil and vile entity, making one want to vomit with disgust. I knew then it belonged to the secret black agents who were trying to keep me away from Osiris. This stalking, harrassment and psychic attack is the epitome of black magic. We are dealing with a vileness that even in our worst nightmares we cannot imagine.

If these secret agencies can do such things to honest and innocent citizens of this country then every outrageous claim I have read about them is believable. There are no boundaries to the extent to which they will turn to the darkness. Where does it end? Who is funding all this stalking of me and my friends? I am one soul stating her objection to this institutionalized black magic that is attempting to run this planet. See my article on recent developments.

The question for you, the reader, is. Today it is a scientist, the woman he loves and her friends. Tomorrow-- is it YOU? Why not you?

Will you remember this warning? Will you remember this mantra? I write it for you so that you will have some chance to survive. I write it in the hopes that because I went through this, you do not have to.

Blessings and good luck. Isis

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