7) IIII S ]]RxI' Gb* Isis & Healing Who is Isis? What is Etheric Healing?

During the Spring of 1998, I was guided to call myself "Isis Astarte," and to become established as an etheric healer. I had been chronically ill in 1995/6 and found an etheric healer. Her healing saved my life. I discovered then I too had the ability to see the etheric body in others.

Who was/ is Isis in Egypt? A brief review.
Who was Osiris and the story of deep love?
What is Etheric Healing?
Etheric healing is a profound spiritual experience for most people. Certainly, the etheric healer can "heal" and take out negativity, but this level of soul work clears the subconscious and aligns the person to the higher self or in Egyptian terms, 'Ka'. Many of my clients discover their higher purpose on this planet and reconnect to lifetimes in Egypt.
It is my understanding that all of the beings who remain on this planet through the next twenty years will be operating in full connection to the divine 'Ka'.

The brochure that I give to my clients indicates what to expect in such a treatment and how to prepare for this.

What is Etheric Energy?
These sites belonging to friends, explain the work of etheric healers and how they see and clear etheric implants and entities With Carol Hathor and Cameron Dye.

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Then read further for more information about metaphysical adventures Isis had in other dimensions here.
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