ASPECTS of EVIL : Taming the Beast

our beast our beast
Copyright to Ruth Angela© 2000. No portion of this article may be used or copied without the express permission of the author. I wish to thank various people for inspiring the contents of this article. Without their mastery of evil intention, I should not now be able to explain this so well. I would also like to acknowledge the assistance of Diana Huston who has made a study of this subject to bring clarity to it for the rest of us. Most of all I would like to thank my sacred teacher who found me in the darkness and gently, fiercely, but firmly guided me through the maze of my mind to this understanding that appears here. I offer this to the reader as a small way of paying it forward.

Are you controlled by others?
Do you feel your life force being sucked off by others?
Are you a slave in another's master plan?
Do you feel tricked into giving up your power, but you are not sure how?

It is not easy to know the answer to these questions, but if you have an inkling that you do not have all your free will, that you feel like a cog in a huge wheel, and you have little control over your daily existence, you may be assisted by understanding some aspects of evil. It is no accident that the opposite of 'evil' is 'live' (the opposite spelling is no accident) not 'good' as we are told. The essence of evil is that it steals your life and your life force. This is how "EVIL" exists--on borrowed life essence. In itself Evil has no REAL existence. This is the key to unravelling this mystery of evil.

Diana Huston believes that it is "the energy of denied truth." When the race called Human decides not to deny parts of itself any more, it will be able to reassert its claim over its own life essence (or Will) and EVIL will be gone. It is that simple, but it is not that easy as we are now in a general state of ignorance. Fortunately, the times are here for us to change and to facilitate change. Those who meet this challenge to change will weather the tests that are coming and survive to a new and creative world. It will be extremely exciting and rejuvenating and regenerating. Those who refuse to delve into themselves now and see what they are denying, will be subject to more darkness than they could ever imagine--a darkness that will not end for aeons.

Thus dealing with your denial and hidden self, though it might appear to be daunting right now, is actually the optimum path, even if it is the path less travelled. The methods and techniques for clearing this subconscious pain and trauma are very much available to us through the Internet today (see below for more data). As the old Yogis would claim, "Freedom is in walking through the fire not around it." And take it from one who knows, it does NOT burn inspite of the appearance of the flames. What burns far more is pushing away the pain and denying it exists. That is the real burning fire.

How is the life force stolen?
It is a fact that exposure to dark energies have been part of most people's everyday experience, but not identified as "evil" by the very fact of it being, unfortunately, so pervasive something akin to Hitler's genocide of the Jews, and are not aware that there is a much more subtle and insidious negativity right in their own homes or workplaces that if not recognized, could lead to this very same catastrophe. It is often hard to point a finger at something and say, "Now that is truly evil."

From history, we see how the huge evil that Hitler espoused came to most Germans in subtle and tiny steps that in themselves did not seem evil. Yet the accumulation of these small take overs of the rights and freedoms of others, ended up in the Holocaust. In our daily lives, we do not see these tiny take overs or our freedom or will. So much of this type of evil is hidden, secret, disguised, subtle and masked. But then, that is the very nature of evil. Once light is thrown upon it, and it is 'named' for what it is, it cannot continue to exist with the same power. Evil likes nothing worse than to be exposed to the revelatory light. This article is part of the dissipation of the power of evil in our world.

I have struggled with the issue of what evil is for a lifetime. I had been terrified by demons I saw when I was a child. But the traumas of that were brought up again when I began to meditate and various demons showed up in my meditations. My guru instructed me that the demons were not to be feared, but to be tolerated and mostly ignored. They mainly came to scare and feed off some energy around fear. If I ignored them, they would get bored and leave. Eckhart Tolle in "A New Earth" says the same about the egoic mind and that "Nonreaction is not weakness, but strength. Another word for nonreaction is forgiveness. to forgive is to overlook, or rather to look through. You look through the ego to the sanity that is in every human being as his or her essence." (p. 62-63 New York: Penguin Books, 2005.)As it happened, this is exactly what occured. The less fear and anxiety I had around evil and entities, the less they bothered me. I found out then about entities on other dimensions feeding on human emotions. Any kind of fear or excitement just kept them around. We were their food. Carlos Castaneda's was horrified when Don Juan tells him that a non-human being inhabits his mind and lives inside him. It is not something any of us would like to believe.

Recently books by Eckhart Tolle indicate this thing called "evil" can be a kind of "entity" which acts as our "egoic mind" and creats "addictions." In A New Earth Tolle says that it lives inside you as a "quasi entity or subpersonality, an energy field that periodically takes you over completely" (246). It seems to have a visceral canniness to hide itself and yet meets its needs. He says on page 144 "an entity made up of emotion...has its own primitive intelligence, not unlike a cunning animal, and its intelligence is directed primarily at survival. Like all life forms it periodically needs to feed--to take in new energy--and the food it requires to replenish itself consists of energy that is compatible with its own, which is to say, energy that vibrates at a similar frequency. Any emotionally painful experience can be used..." So clearly what I was experiencing was a reality that others also had discovered, but I had not always been able to put that into words.

As a child I knew that evil was being done to me, yet I could not put into language what it was. I read fairy tales and stories about evil characters. These seemed to be clearly defined bad guys. The wicked witch pricked Sleeping Beauty's finger in revenge, so the princess fell asleep for a hundred years. The greedy and unkind Stepmother promoted her own ugly daughters and made Cinderella work at home alone during the Prince's Ball. Perhaps because it is a fairy story, we know there is always evil clearly demonstrated, so it was very easy to identify what is evil.

But in my childhood experiences there was another kind of evil being done with smiles and feigned kindness that was way more damaging to me. This subtle and deviously dark hold over the affairs, hearts, minds and souls of human beings has been in effect for thousands of years. If we can understand evil it can be ended. Once we can identify something as the opposite of "live" as EVIL, it is as good as gone. The opportunity is here for humanity to face this secret subterfuge of our life and heal ourselves so that evil cannot exist any longer.

So what is EVIL?
For an inspired definition, see Diana Huston's article at this site. I have heard from Caligastia at also that evil tests to discover the limits of ones integrity. It checks out your needs and then it makes promises to fill these needs while at the same time stealing your life from you. He says that the first theft is the truth and then integrity. "In their absence, evil flourishes." But a good example from my own experience might assist in this definition.

Recently I had an encounter with a being that exhibited characteristics of evil. This person I call 'Sin' does not look wicked, has a kind enough manner on the surface to fool anyone, and to all 3rd dimensional intents and purposes appears benevolent and wholesome. Sin's behavior also appears on the 3rd dimension.-- physical-- to be impeccable and motivated by the highest ideals. The essential give away to this type of evil is the creation of a mental idea, dream, fantasy or PLAN.

Sin has a plan and ideal of what he/she wants to accomplish. The plan fits all Sin's needs and this is all that matters.

The people who are crushed or trampled in the execution of this plan do not matter. The connection of the plan to the spirit does not enter into the matter whatsoever. The plan is devised in the mind somewhere not connected to soul, spirit, human need, heart, nor Gaia. It is almost as if the plan is an off world nightmare dreamed up by a disincarnate soulless being (more on this later). The plan has a goal, however, that involves greed, emotional distress and avarice which motivate the plan and creates the negative energy to manifest it. A good adjective for Sin's methods of enforcing her/his plan is 'Machiavellian.'

So Sin creates a field or cloud of energy around this plan. This field of energy is sent out to encompass all the necessary human entities that would assist it to manifest. The easiest souls to enlist to support the plan are those that have a great deal of lost soul, are very fearful and will go along with any plan in order to avoid pain. Sin has absolutely no respect for them, but sees them as pawns in a game of chess, movable, disposable parts, and basic slaves. With these weaker ones involved in Sin's plan , Sin recognizes that stronger forces could still destroy the plan because these weaker elements have no strength. A little puff of opposition, and they would no longer be behind the plan.

The next step is to destroy any opposition from those who have no fear in opposing Sin, have most of their soul power, might have an alternate plan, are spiritually awake and who think for themselves. Thus Sin executes an offensive against each opponent separately to disunite the opposition. Sin seeks diligently for the opponent's weaknesses and then creates deliberate situations to undermine their integrity and equilibrium. This campaign usually starts with gifts and invitations to converse and chat about things to find out what are the weaknesses. After the weaknesses are determined there is a consistent feeding of anxiety-creating energies to the victim to promote uncertainty and fear. This appears like probes of energy from Sin's solar plexus and these probe the aura or etheric field of the victim to find holes to enter.

These holes are areas of insecurity, fear, unconsciousness or unclaimed Will. These are the areas that resonate with the frequency of the entity desiring to eat us. When Sin finds a hole to enter, Sin feeds on the fear or lost Will and the victim begins to feel weak, exhausted and vulnerable. This feeling can be totally draining, so much that one could collapse and die from it. In this example situation, one victim has been crippled physically with major back problems, another has had on-going headaches, another debilitating surgeries that do not heal properly, another has had an endless stream of mishaps, car problems, home appliance problems and so forth. The possible stronger opponents to Sin one by one are demoralized and their energies taken up defending themselves from these attacks. Thus Sin is in the position to promote her/his plan and the possible opposition is too busy trying to survive to care.

How does Evil turn friends into enemies?
One other characteristic of this type of evil is how it uses souls that have a heart and friendship bond, to turn against each other. Take our example A and B. Sin creates a situation deliberately which appears to be the result of A's actions against B.
In truth A does nothing overtly, but may have a secret feeling of wanting something that would upset B. Sin discovers this secret feeling and creates a situation where it looks as if A can have the secret desire, at the expense of the friendship with B. If A accepts the gift from Sin of getting their secret desire, A has broken the heart bond with B. This is how the tiny steps of evil begin.
If A is alert to the choice, A can make the decision to NOT take the gift and continue the friendship with B. But this course of action results in A being "outside" the plan Sin is promoting. This means that A has chosen to keep a friendship but turn down a gift from Sin, thus A is out of the power loop in all the executions of the plan. A is a non-entity and will be pushed out of any positions of control or power, will be subject then to attack, abuse, and scorn by the ones that have joined in the effort to promote the plan.
The choice by A to keep a friendship and turn down a gift that would injure B, means A is now "disloyal" to the plan. This disloyalty is conveyed to all Sin's cohorts in on the plan, and A is shunned by the larger group. This behavior is repeated until all possible entities are aligned for or against the plan, and those that are against it are demeaned, maligned and scorned. Whereas, those that are behind Sin's plan are promoted, given juicy treats and generally patted on the back as part of the "good" guys. Little do they know that they have secretly and deviously consented to evil.

Does Father know best for you?
What is insidiously obvious from this type of evil is the patronizing attitude of : "FATHER KNOWS BEST." In this case, it is the Evil ones that know best what is right for Humanity. These entities that possess people that I call Evil beings do not have normal kind or compassionate feelings. They seem only to have some logic based on "ME and what I WANT."

Other characteristics about this type of evil is how the true motives are disguised and hidden. On the surface the plan is made to appear benevolent to all. Thus anyone who opposes it is made to appear unpatriotic or disloyal to the organization. We all witnessed this after 9/11 when all of the Senators and Congressman were morally "forced" to vote for the Patriot Act or be considered unpatriotic. Only one[ Dennis Kucinich] had the moral and spiritual courage to vote against it. This Act turns out to be the virtual dismantling of not only our beloved Constitution, but it is a document allowing our agencies to commit all the injustices that our forefathers had fought hard to overcome such as "habeus corpus" and torture of prisoners. Further, the real experts and thinkers in this evil, never appear to be doing anything overtly. In fact they shun the limelight and work deviously behind others, using the weaker slaves to execute their plans and attack for them. It then is very difficult to point a finger at them, unless one is skilled at tracking energy back to source.

This is how I have been able to explain such hidden behavior. I never understood how my mother appeared to be so innocent when there was fighting and chaos around her until I acquired the ability to meditate and track energies. Then I could see how she sent energy through my sister for example to attack me, creating a battle between us which she could enjoy from a distance. I did not know then, but have since found out that some entity in my mother "fed off" these fights and the chaos they created. This was "FOOD" for some entity that was in turn feeding off my mother herself ( more on this later).

Sin put forward her fantastical plan which serves her EGO and her sense of power. It is not based on the spirit, heart, soul, intuition or what is in tune with the higher mind or tao. To enforce this plan Sin operates by Black Magic, evil and mind power, without any connection to the heart. Such similar evil people live in dream worlds of their own fantasies creating literally castles in the air which have no basis in anything REAL or human. Look around the planet! Everywhere there are such examples in grotesque nuclear power plants that sit like huge evil toads on the beautiful surface of our planet. One has only to look at the dreadful polluted cities where someone had an idea to build a factory to make money to see this evil plan at work.

But fortunately, what was not so visible to human eyes before this time, now has become more visible--that is the hidden presence of the evil, heartless, selfish beings, their cabals and secret societies, and their control of the sacred places of this planet. The Earth is ascending and with it her vibrational frequencies. As the vibrations of the Earth increase, so must the creatures existing upon her surface resonate with her. So humanity is ascending with the planet. As humanity wakes up and becomes more enlightened and our frequencies increase, so we now can see the lower entities on the astral realm, the 4th dimension. More and more people are reporting seeing the shape-shifting reptiles among us. More and more people are now seeing lies in the faces of politicians, governors, presidents and other people. To me and many of my friends, the reign of EVIL is nearly over. Some say it has been 15 centuries of this dark power over our world. It is said that the Mayans knew this dark time was coming, so they left here to return when it is over. Do you blame them? That date is said to be 2012, just a few short years hence. Already in 2008, the signs for those who are sensitive are here. The era of evil is coming to an end.

The lock over our eyes to see beyond the third dimension has been released. Thus, since my Third Eye was awakened in 1979, I am able to I see that Sin has behind her a being that appears to be a Reptile of about 7 foot tall. I have seen these Reptiles behind other authoritative figures. This being is not visible to most people, but if you have a trained psychic ability, it can be seen easily. The Crocodile or Reptile usually stands behind the human person with some tie in to them through the solar plexus. This Reptile feeds from the human host, much as we feed off animals. Human beings are their main diet. What sustains the Reptile is any kind of emotional distress or excitement. Any negative situation is a feast. Wars are their banquets! Domestic violence and child sexual abuse are their daily repast. Violent movies or video games give them a constant diet of this negative energy. This is their DIET...your feelings feed them.

This Reptile behind Sin I see feeding from her/him. If s/he does not create anxiety in others, the Reptile must suck energy from Sin. So this forces her/him to continually find opportunities to make others anxious or nervous so that the Reptile literally on her/his back, can be fed. I have also seen Reptiles that stand in front of people and somehow have a hand on the solar plexus and twist it painfully to create anxiety and feelings of dread and fear in people. I have had this happen to me. It is incredibly painful and makes one want to die. I am almost certain that the untimely suicides of famous scientists lately has been initiated by this method of twisting the solar plexus.

I have also seen "bugs" that exist on the 4th dimension that do this sucking for the Reptile, and these bugs too can literally drive someone to suicide. I often wonder when I hear stories of kids shooting children at school if they have been attacked by the energy sucking 'Bug." I wrote an article about this bug called "The Andromeda Strain, " which explains more of the symptoms of it.

Sin, my model of evil, is a victim of this hidden power behind her/him. Sin is not aware of why he/she must continually create havoc and distress around him/her and why he/she enjoys this distress so much. Sin believes him/herself to be a good person. Indeed, I can see that Sin's true self is a sweet being, but because Sin has a hidden anguish, trauma and a secret desire for power, Sin's unclaimed Will has been taken over by the Reptile and now it appears to be too late to cure Sin of this Reptile's presence. What will happen to her/him?

No matter what the Reptile is doing through Sin, Sin is still ultimately responsible for the actions. That she/he is unaware of the Reptile eating at her/his guts is not an excuse that bears up in the Halls of Justice. This is pure KARMA. This debt will have to be paid back. It does not ultimately serve any human being to be possessed by this energy being... and have to suffer through lifetimes of Karma for it.

How can one deal with Evil?
This article may be a wake up to any of you who are suffering from this same phenomena as Sin and recognize yourself in that behavior. Do you need to see others anxious, afraid or upset by something you created? Do you enjoy chaos and discomfort, fear and anxiety in others? Do you find yourself having periods where your solar plexus seems to be drained of life force and you feel as if your energy is being sucked out of you?

These are all symptoms of Reptilian presence. If you believe that you are involved in this energy, you must work vigorously on your subconscious to find out how the Reptile found a hole in your psyche to steal your life force. This is where your major life's work must take you if you are to become a fully independent human. Stop being unconscious of this invasion of your being by this negative energy. Learn a technique like EFT that will help you face fears inside and give you courage to be the full human you can be. The David Icke site has many sources of information to recognize the reptilian energy.

We are so confused about what is real?
The method of development of such a plan can be a key to determining if it is EVIL or not. Only close scrutiny of how any plan is constructed and where it comes from can determine if its roots are based in anything that is REAL. If it is a construction from the mind-- a sort of wish or fantasy, then it has no basis in reality. Only those plans which come from the higher mind, the Ka, or the higher self which is at ONE with all other higher minds and hearts can be considered REAL.

This takes a connection to ones higher consciousness and a test for validity that is not always easy to make unless one is spiritually aware and awake. This enlightened state of being is the goal of most spiritual paths, and it brings enormous rewards for those who pursue it. For in learning to know falsehood, much understanding follows about the real right and wrong, the authentic tao and the right path through any situation. Dr. David Hawkins has written a library of books on the truth within a thousand events and people by muscle testing. Muscle testing is a way of tapping into the biology of the body which does not lie because it is fully part of the Earth energy field. Thinking minds lie. Bodies do not. By listening to the higher self connected to the heart, a person can see lies and recognize evil when it presents itself. If every human could be this aware, evil would cease to be. Instead of the lurking, furtive snake behind everything, Evil would be more like a clown at the circus; we would all be laughing at it.

But there are ways to test for the truth as any energy practitioner will explain. Usually when it is "true" and aligned with Goddess (i.e. the Earth being called Ge or Gaia) there is a corresponding deep connection or resonance in the heart. If there is no heart connection to an idea, it is unwise to proceed. When it is aligned with the heart and with Gaia there will be resonances in the universe. Things will start to align and synchonize to support the activity or plan. When there is no correspondence in the universe for the plan and it is all forced and controlled by one or two people with their own reasoning logical will, you can bet that it falls into the category of Evil or going against Nature or Gaia. Anyone who aligns with this plan is going to lose Will, soul and become disempowered. Only those who thrive on this lost Will who resonate with fear and negativity can enjoy this type of activity. Beware!

But how to deal with it on a daily basis?
When I was targeted by Sin, I had to do some clearing of subconscious fears. I knew it would not do to attack her since she was a formidable foe and even if I won for a day, there would be more battles. I knew I had to deal with this from within myself. I knew I had to heal up the holes in my psyche first.

Before the showdown, I did not sleep for several nights and each day I was feeling this agonizing anxiety in my stomach with corresponding headaches. I was being impulsed by the Reptile who was planning me for the next meal. I knew that I could not run away and hide from the pain, nor could I subscribe to Sin's plans for me since they violated my own free will and thus I would lose will. So I processed the pain. I went into it and sat with the pain until it spoke to me. ( I have a list of my techniques for this work in my article at this site Soul.html I wrote this article about 12 years ago, and the information has served me well over the years. The EFT techniques also work on physical pain. These Soul techniques are also used in NLP but I discovered them through intense pain and meditation.)

When I heard my pain tell me what it was feeling, it turned out to be from the age of four when my mother had betrayed me very badly. The subconscious part of me, the lower self as the Hawaiians call it, still believed that I was the child and could be injured again by Sin as I had been by my mother. I was able to go back to the incident when the fear was first created and repattern it or retell it with a better outcome. It is called "Holographic Repatterning." You recreate the memory today, and this erases the former memory. This heals the subconscious as time is eternal on that level. What happened 40 years ago is the same as what is happening today or in the future. So where my mother had smacked me really hard and frightened me to death when I was four, I changed this picture to her hugging me and putting me to sleep in a cosy way today. This produced an enormous sigh from the subconscious me, then I know that the healing has had an effect. So without this fear inside me, I was "sealed up" and invincible to her Reptile's desire for food. I was starting to feel much better.

I had an appointment with her for the following week. Now I was feeling more ready to deal with her reptilian needs. However, I had one more tool to use in my relationship to Sin. She had created a very negative situation which she expected would produce a lot of fear and anguish in me. I knew by this time the dynamics of Sin's techniques and chose to find a solution that was NOT fighting or resistance. The more you resist, the more the Reptile enjoys it, for the resistance acts like food for them.. .a sort of dessert. When you are vibrating in their range.. the fear and anxiety range, you are much less powerful than they are, and the evil ones are feasting on your emotions. As Joel Goldsmith says, "Resist not evil." You just put yourself on that same low frequency level, and you are not equipped to win. The strategy for dealing with this had to be from a Higher Dimension from which it had been operating.

I determined that day when I sealed up my fear that I would not cooperate in her plan for me to feel frightened and nervous. I determined to be optimistic, positive and to pull down around me a golden halo from the sun that would keep me vibrating at a very high frequency. I would maintain my golden halo for days before this meeting with her. I felt Sin probing the shield around me for that day and the next day too. It felt like tentacles wrapping around me and searching for a hole in my aura. I happened to run into Sin that next day and chatted in a friendly way not showing any signs of distress by radiating my golden halo--clearly out of Sin's Radar Range. She looked a little puzzled but still confident that her reptile would have a meal off me within the week.

The day I was supposed to meet her came. I had kept up the positive halo from the sun and was just vibrating on a very high frequency. I went to her office for our meeting. When Sin saw me at the door, s/he almost fainted heavily into the chair. It was like a balloon just burst. Sin explained that he/she was suddenly exhausted and had to sit down. I asked if she was ill and if she wanted to reschedule our meeting. She blurted out something to the effect that she would like to reschedule and could we talk later on. I agreed. I could see that the Reptile was expecting to feed off me and there was no food, so all the energy-food Sin planned for me to feed the Reptile, was now feeding from Sin, and Sin was having the life force sucked right out of the solar plexus. All that day I felt the probes coming to try to find a hole where Sin could get in and make me feel afraid or worried. I maintained my halo and as long as I had to work with her, I maintained it. I feel I put myself out of vibrating range. It is as if I become invisible to the Reptile's antenna.

Once I understood how this EVIL worked in Sin, then I could see it in other people who had been taken over by this entity which was just evil " almost incarnate." I understood that there is a point in a person's life where he or she consents to allowing this reptile to take over. Perhaps it is from trauma, grief or just greed. There is a reason people allow this to control them, but if they knew the price they are paying, that they are virtually puppets to an evil entity, they would never consent, and they are to be pitied for they will have to pay back all the evil they have been doing unconsciously for the reptile. I am most grateful to Sin for the lesson she gave me in how evil works, and grateful now that I have been able to articulate what it is. Without this person's help, I could not now be helping others with what I have learned. Yogananda says that the purpose of evil is to lead us to God.

Other friends of mine agree with this method of dealing with the Reptiles. Seal up your weknesses, and vibrate above their level of relating and they cannot touch you. The fact that I have used this method effectively more than once, and so have many spiritual colleagues who use it to great success, testifies to the validity with which these methods will work for you.

Once we can access this awakened aspect of ourselves, we cannot be controlled by falsity or lies, we can see lies and deceit and we see the Reptile in his disguise.

We human creatures in our willingness to obey and do our best have unwittingly given up our Will and life to them. Somehow this was permitted and it is called "The Fall from Grace." But the human being has a secret store of power and a great spiritual birthright; we are the ones that have the soul and heart that contains the drop of divine love. This is the essence that will bring us out of this darkness. This is the spark that wakens us up now to see how we have been deceived and abused. This is what these evil ones do NOT have. Their fate is to cycle into the long period of darkness, the cosmic night until in aeons they come back to try once gain to know this love.

Our spiritual heritage enables us to see the higher realms, to understand how we have been raped and pillaged, and it enables us to directly know ourselves as All that Is. We have been taken down to the nub of what a human is. We have been pushed as far as the demons can push us. But we belong to Gaia; we are living parts of her. She has awakened. She is the divine goddess and she awakens us now with her. We are riding the spaceship Gaia to a new destiny. We have succeeded in remaining the God Beings that we were made. We have found the way out of the pits of hell. We have the keys now of a new Earth and a new heaven.

We have the essence of ALL that IS within us. We are REAL. WE ARE THE REAL THING!
Because of this increase of light that is coming from the sun itself and from the passage of the solar system through a part of the universe where the light of the Central Sun impacts us directly, the darkness of Evil is losing its grip. We have woken up at the very last minute. We have started to throw off the shackles of our victimhood. We are claiming back our Earth. We are not going to feed Reptiles with our emotions any more. We are finding our way out of this nightmare thanks to our light helpers on all dimensions.


Thank you guides who showed me how evil has deceived us and given me plenty of examples of how we have been betrayed. We are becoming whole and free. We are seeing the lies and the deceit. We are uniting as a human race to save ourselves.

With them uncovered, with us awake, EVIL will be OVER. It is about time!

Ruth Angela 2008 (C) -


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