ASPECTS of EVIL : Conclusions

by Diana Huston

Created by Diana Huston who has made a study of this subject of Evil to bring clarity to it for the rest of us. Thank you on behalf of Humanity
Printed with permission of the author:
As I search for Truth, I come up with theories, and set up a structured belief system that I can operate in so that I can test my theories, (as belief creates reality).
In my many, many years of investigating evil I have come to a few conclusions about it. I believe them to be correct, for my life and my world, family, associates, finances, etc., all reflect a much healthier and happier way of living which validates my conclusions for me.
  1. Evil is separate from natural Creation.
  2. Evil is made of the energy of denied truth. That is, it is the essense of living lies which create separation from Source, vibrates at an unhealthy level and denies us the reality of empowerment, free will, and healthful living.
  3. Evil has no power whatsoever. However, once we buy into it through belief and perception, we give it our energy, or power. Unfortunately, most of us through past lives bought into evil on some level for the most part inadvertently (no blame here) and are born with it attached to us in this life time.
  4. Once we give over our power to evil, or the forces of evil, we fragment from the wholeness of our being, and we need to retrieve those fragmented parts of ourselves. And this has been a most difficult task for all of us.
  5. Evil has certain characteristics by which it can be recognized. The main one is that it never takes responsibility for what it does. It always blames someone or something else.
  6. Evil has no soul as it is not from God. Thus evil living in someone often has an empty look about it.
  7. Because it's vibrations are of an unhealthy frequencies you can detect it when your own energy is vibrating at a healthy frequency.

There are many theories as to how evil got started.

I have found that I am comfortable with the idea that evil self-created. However, this may not be the whole truth of the matter, and I'm working on it, because it does me no great service to deny the truth of evil on any level of my being.

I know definitely that Mother/Father God is not evil. But since all energy comes from Source, it is possible that there was a disruption in the healthy frequencies and energy field of Mother/Father God that caused a Cosmic split. From this split apparently, evil manifested.

Whether or not evil is something that can be healed from the energy field, or destroyed from the energy field is relative to perception. The facts are that we can separate from the dark, stagnant field of evil and resonate with healthy vibrational frequencies.

For my own part, I have found through healing work that there have been fragmented parts of myself which have been, in other life times, very evil. I find that in loving, forgiving and through complete self-acceptance, (giving myself unconditional self-love) I can retrieve these lost parts of myself and the illusional energy of evil heals and/or departs from me. I am no longer afraid to accept that I have been evil in many life times. But I also accept that this has been a unhealed part of myself. And this is where my responsibility lays.

It's of no value whatsoever to to play the blame game as to how evil got started. Or to play the 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' concept in denial of the truth that evil exists. What is important is to take responsibility for oneself and do all one can to be released from dark force frequencies, assist Mother Earth to release from dark force energies (for She is in much pain with it) and help Mother/Father God in whatever way is your own Truth to bring about the needed future changes for our planet.

Diana Huston, Mar. 30, 2000

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