GAIA the very soul of this planet AWOKE on the Eclipse of February of 1998. I and others witnessed this incredibly joyful event which proved to be one of the most significant for this planet in thousands of years. I was privileged to witness this.

An image of what I saw is startlingly well exemplified by a photograph of gifted artist and full goddess, Meredith Miller, in the book "Miracle in the Void" by Dr. Brian O'Leary. Her portrait as Gaia, is very much like the image I saw on this important date. See below for this image.


Isis' Account of the Awakening of Goddess Gaia:

I went that night to the Hawaiian Heiau temple in Kailua. It was overcast all around and raining a little. It seemed we would not see the moon after all. I was not worried. I have been known to have clouds part for me on special occasions, and this date was no exception. No sooner had we started to honor Goddess with our ceremony, than a hole in the clouds above us appeared and gave us a perfect view of the Orion star system. Soon the sky was clear and the full moon visible to us. It was as if we were the ancient Hawaiians again, honoring the warm and sacred nights of Hawaii.

We did ceremony to honor the four directions and the sacred ground on which we sat. During meditation, I connected very clearly to the center of Earth..but it seemed to be more difficult than it has been because I was looking for this metal core..which I had always found before. But I found nothing hard and metallic. I found a loving presence, a soft and adorable being. It turned out to be a goddess I found.. a living person.. a presence that is now speaking to me. This is the most awesome experience I have ever had.

It is as if SHE awoke-- the Goddess of the planet Gaia.

She is very earthy and beautiful..sort of raw, not clean and neat, but rather dishevilled and tattered in a very sensuous way. Her odor reminds me of eucalyptus.. that healing kind of smell, but she is also reddish, ruddy like red dirt rubbed into her skin. I see her with red leaves for clothing, and smell the deep, sweet scent of the soil after it is turned. I feel her practicality and sense. She is wonderful. Her fullness of being is overwhelming and yet familiar. She is not sweet and light as you think of fairies, but strong, swarthy almost with a vibrant androgenous strength that emanates from her yet at the same time she is a SHE and very deeply womanly.

To my delight she sees me looking in wonder at her and asks,

"What has been happening since I have been asleep?"

How can I do anything but stare in awe? Goddess Gaia wants me to tell her what has gone on since she fell asleep?

I am speechless. The very thought of trying to speak of this is overwhelming. Just the number of years alone, and then the sorry tales of rape and pillage! Heavens.. to talk of the misery would break her heart and mine. That would be a long sad tale to tell of wicked warriors and marauding hordes. I stay silent. Not willing to break the magical moment of this adoration I feel for her.

Springs, my Goddess friend, had that same experience. Gaia is not just a planet.. but a living woman. I believe that the shift at the eclipse was a major catalyst for profound changes. I do not know how to explain this better. I have been connecting to the metal core for about 18 months.. but this was the first time I found a living person! And what a being!!

I cannot say I have ever encountered feminity like this, but I know that this planet needs far more of this type of female energy. I have not known such a deeply androgenous but sensual feminine being except perhaps in India with the povertied women who are covered in dirt and yet have a dignity and composure that is awesome. This is my closest comparison.

I feel her come through me as clearly as I feel my daughter. It is quite extraordinary. I shall never be the same. Isis Astarte

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From an email letter from : Chrissy/Astara (Spring 1998)

This morning I was sending Reiki when I suddenly had a vision.

I saw people bending down and touching the earth, and as they did so, light emanated from their hands. Mother Earth's belly, which had been cracked and swollen, started to rise. I saw a soldier in the Middle East trip and fall, and as he did so, his hand touched the earth and he felt a warmth rise from his hand. Others watched this, and seeing the light from his hand, bent down to do the same. People could feel a rising in themselves, as they were lifted up on Mother Earth's vibrations.

In the cold places of Iceland people were reaching down to touch the icy surface with their mittened hands as they felt the urge to be near the earth. Light radiated from their hands. Across the seas in Canada, and down into the United States, people were stopping from the usual rush hour and reaching down to touch the earth. Light flew from their hands as they did so. Motorists on the freeways and those on the highways, would get out of their cars when they were stopped at lights, and reach down to touch the earth. They felt the energy and had to touch.

Down in South America people stopped what they were doing, to reach down and touch the earth. Everywhere, on mountains, in valleys, in cities and on the plains, people were touching the earth. As they did so, the earth rose. She rose in her vibrations and people no longer felt the feelings of anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, frustration and fear. They didn't need to any more. Somehow everything felt lighter.

The earth, which had suffered man's torments - her plunder, her rape, man's bloodshed upon her, her destruction of forests and the poisoning of her waters and atmosphere, had FORGIVEN man. She knew that mankind was learning and was really a spark of Divine light, and she had forgiven him.

She had lifed up into a higher dimension.

This, my children, is now what has happened. If we can all visualise this happening, and peace entering people's hearts, their hearts opening with the joy they are feeling, then we have achieved our purpose and brought Peace on Earth.

Love, Light & Joy to all

Chrissy / Astara You are an important flower; take the time to let yourself be nourished , see more below the picture here.

Feel the awesome fire Goddess in Georia O'Keefe's art here.

Another account from "The Watcher" (1998 email letter)

Are you feeling unusually tired lately? sort of like you're walking in molasses? It feels as though I'm being pulled down by gravity - very strange feeling and yet at the same time my spirit is feeling stronger. What effect does it have on you? I had another one of those dreams last night. I saw a being shaped like a human woman in a grey-colored cocoon waiting to be born. Everyone was staring at her in wonder - she was unaware of herself, unconscious. A whisper of awe broke through the crowd when she turned over from one side to her back and then to the other side. As she lay on her back I looked over each inch of her body. It was unfinished and needed more time in the cocoon to develop. It was the "Daughter of the Mother".

Do you have any information about this that you can enlighten me ? I only see these things, but I'm not always sure of what they mean. In this instance, I sense that it has something to do with the Earth ascending into a higher dimension. What's your take on this?
The "Watcher"

Check this to hear the words of the original "Lords" Prayer newly translated from the original and revealing the feminine nature of the divine.

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