POSTED to Atlantis List in April 1997 and updated October 2001.

Dear Human Family:
This time is OUR time to be all we have to be and to finally emerge as full HUMAN BEINGS.

Recently I have come to appreciate the full value of this through many challenges. I have heard my teachers talk of the value of a human birth.. how rare and how glorious in all the heavens it is that a human be born. However, this morning I woke up fully conscious of this honor that I undertook some time back. I had to share what I realized about US -- Humanity-- the "humanhu" the beings inhabiting this planet that are destined to be its stewards once we can rid our planet of a pesky plague.

1. WE have FREE WILL  which is not just a word on paper.

We must ask to be left alone if we wish to be totally free. We must insist on what we want of all who can hear us as it is our RIGHT as human beings to claim it. We were born in a "free will" zone in the cosmos to visit our freedom and explore our evolution in the 3rd dimension. Many vile beings without respect for life and heart threaten to take away the free will choice of humanity, and at this moment in October 2001, are making urgent plans to continue this move. They seek to enslave human beings, and many are already caught in their illusions and traps. These humans have allowed themselves to be deceived, have chosen to be in denial about what is REAL. They have been seduced and enticed into giving up their power, their sovereignty for some illusion of power or grandeur. There is no grandeur. There is no greater power than within the heart of a human being. Why seek it elsewhere? Only the demons can make the illusion seem more juicy than the truth.

In free will we have "Free-dom" that means "free from domination". Those who would take this freedom from us MUST answer for their actions. No human should be a victim.

Something on the planet is awry. Something has usurped the natural state of this planet to go about its normal evolution in "free will" without hindrance. Something has come to our planet, after first destroying Mars and Venus, to suck out the resources and life from Gaia. This force has misused and usurped the power of "free will" to take over the subconscious of humanity and make us a slave on our own planet while they pillage, rape and plunder the beauteous Earth. No human has to suffer dominion from any other human or non-human. This is not part of any contract that a human being has made to incarnate here. It is a violation of the Divine Plan that the stewards of this planet be duped by tricks and lies into giving up their sovereignty.

When we claim our FREE WILL CHOICE to say "No" to abductions or any other intrusions, let us be unafraid of this puny demonic intruder. Let us just quietly and with full intention and heart force say "I do not choose this experience for myself" and leave. There is nothing they can do without your fear or your consent. It is truly THAT simple.

I ask you,--human being-- Who knows about this Earth better than we do? We are its stewards. It is our planet, and we have been given all we need to take care of it by GOD.. and any creature or thing which would take away our right to do this must answer to GOD-- All-that-Is the spiritual essence of every sentient and insentient being in the known omniverse.

Our Free Will we have taken for granted, but I warn you that this is not something other non-Earth beings will honor if we do not honor it and value it ourselves.

So EXERCISE your right of FREE WILL. Choose your destiny, create your world and DEMAND it be honored.

  • 2. We have INTENTION behind our FREE WILL.

    When we put our intention for JOY and LOVE to have Harmony and ONE-ness in our world, magic happens. This ability to manifest is OURS, our birthright and our joy. When we are born we are given a task to perform by All that Is.. and we can set our intention to complete that task and the whole universe must honor it and will even send in extra help as we perform our task. We have so much Power if we only understood. The ones who want to enslave us want what we have, even as we who have it, are unaware of our own riches. We have Full heart connection to the Divine. This is very rare in the 3rd dimension. When we connect to our higher self which is the link to the divine ONE, we are THAT will manifesting. Other beings do not have control of their own destiny through their soul intention.
    We DO.

  • 3. We have CREATIVE IMAGINATION. We can change what we do not want on the subtle level RIGHT NOW.. on the physical level it takes a little longer. But as the planet is ascending so that time between dream and creation is getting shorter. Every day in your prayers, when you imagine the Earth at the best it can be... you create it NOW* It becomes what you see. If you add one phrase "For the highest good of all." the response time will be even shorter.

    If you have ever seen a dark entity in someone.. you can by your own imagination bid it leave.. you can see it taken away.. and it must leave. That is because you are powerful. Even with 2 strands of butchered DNA, our diversity of DNA and our creativity still renders the demonic ones powerless and confused. For all their efforts to make us slaves for 1,000's of years, still we elude them, still we maintain our own hearts and souls and creativity. We are AWESOME!

    My friend Osiris is a prime example of the indomitable human spirit and soul. He has been mind controlled and unable to exert his own will because he has worked for secret alien-controlled agencies and must never be allowed to speak of what he knows, such as visits to Mars, and knowledge of the arrival of Planet X in 2003. Many have been murdered for speaking out. Yet inspite of at least six years of constant control, he is alive and fully human. No matter how much they try to shut down the life force within him, still it sings and sparkles and LAUGHS!! It always will. Nothing can ever destroy it. This is the POWER I am speaking about.

    The evil ones believe we are their property, like a toy they created, because they manipulated our bodies in genetic engineering many years past. But they do not know that ESSENCE we contain is of the ONE being. This is the creative spark that cannot be quenched by layers of darkness. It will always live.

    When you dance or garden or get involved in your creative projects, all the negativity goes. You become one with the task you are doing, one with the creative process, and nothing can harm or obstruct your work. This is when you are vibrating in the creative mode on the 5th dimension. This is where you cannot be touched by the 4th dimensional entities who would enslave you. Such is our creativity that we can heal by combining intention, love and our creative imaginations. Everyone has this skill. We can heal people by looking into their bodies and sending light. All we have is our imaginations.

    We can create any future we choose, we can create any heaven that we wish to inhabit. Just imagine it and set it in your intention. It is done! Do it and use it. What a gift you have been given by God to create your paradise!

  • 4. We can know and experience LOVE:

    We have been given a capacity which the darkest of beings will never know. WE CAN LOVE. We love and we are so powerful in our love for one another and for our country and our earth. This love is THE greatest power in ANY UNIVERSE! There is nothing more Powerful. All these particle beam accelerators cannot go beyond time and space, cannot travel anywhere in the universe to find a loved one... cannot maintain that power through aeons and never forget it... WE CAN DO THAT. This love for your planet now is CRITICAL. Love your planet and defend it as if it were your own child that is being wounded and bullied. There is bullying going on. (I wrote this in 1997 when few were aware of this, but now after the events of Sept. 11, 2001, few can dispute it).

    Love can heal our planet now. The force of love put as a huge protection now around the planet would immediately change its destiny. The time is now. Be your full selves. Do not hesitate to be all that you ARE. (Many experiments by James Twyman, the Maharishi and others have proven this to be true already. Wars in the Middle East have been stopped just by sending love -- unconditional love.)

    There is wickedness being done to our planet by Aliens without souls who care nothing for our beautiful EARTH or for us. Our planet needs our love... and with this love, with our free will and our creative imagination we can make it be restored. The divine essence in each of us is all that we need. It is like a blue flame, a tiny spark of divinity within each heart. It is YOURS. IT is YOU. BE that. Become that. There is nothing else you need to be or do.

    Our hour is come to BE who God made us to be... to do HER/HIS business here on the planet that HE/SHE gave to us to care for Human Beings...

    You have the power. Use it for the planet and for the enslaved ones. The time is here to exercise the full force of the divine spark within you. Let us get to work! We have everything to gain... and nothing to lose.

    Written by Goddess Nuith - of the Night Sky, and IsisHawaii

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