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The following is an email written in 1997 in reply to a person who went to India and did not understand the beauty of Her, the Goddess Mother, who is very present in this country.

I have been twice to India. This is not a country one can understand in the normal American way in terms of conveniences, cleanliness, shiny, brand new plumbing and so forth.

Subject: India & Mythologies

X, India through your eyes is a sewer without merit. I have been there and indeed the smells in the average city make you gag.. and turn yellow. We poor Americans and Europeans are not bombarded with these smells on a daily basis. It is a little overwhelming at first.

But if you had eyes from your soul, you would see incredible beauty and the primitive, mysterious love of the Mother everywhere. This is a country of the feminine - she does not follow rules, she is not clean and sanitary as so many American and Western cities are. She is raw, smelly, deeply REAL - not Disneyland real as so much of our culture is.

She is the soul of humanity; she is the heart without artifice or bribe. She cannot be purchased or bought. Her love is always unconditional. Her presence is always a privilege. She follows no RULES. She receives her knowledge from the heart of earth. She is not ordered and tidy. She is not logical and sensible. She is all opposites to the West.

Her earthiness is magnetic, drawing out of us depths of sensory yearnings we rarely know in the West.
She is home in all senses of the word. She is the milk of life and the warmth of a fire. She's the same essential being in all things of the earth; she is the same in the flower, as the crystal; she is equally the excrement from the body, and the diamond inside the cave. She is the taste of soil, the fallen leaves in autumn. She is the dusty road, and the chicken scratching in the dust. She is the wail of the newborn, and the blood of the mother spilled on the ground in childbirth. She is the smell of menstrual blood exposed to the air. She is the sweet blossom of the lilac tree. She is the patience with incompleteness; she is all knowing and all places.

She is the taste of sweat and body smells we hasten to wash away. She is the glistening skin on the breast of a nursing mother, and the sweet milk sucked deep into the child's throat. She is the slow glide among yards of silk in the hot sun. She is the distant call of the Ashram bell. She is the cow's tongue, the elephants rolling gait, the sun's place of worship  

She is India and she is THE Goddess. Where else on Earth does she live as herself so uncompromised, so visible, so touchable, so smellable, so REAL as in India...where the Male Gods could not control HER?  

Yes they came. The British came. They thought they were in charge. The joke was on them. The Goddess yielded to enfold them and then continued on with her full and vital life inspite of them.

Beware any beings who seek to control HER. Beware of losing meaning in your life. Beware any dominators, beware any perpetrators, beware any MINDS that seek to come and judge HER. She is what she is. She is YOU and she is vital to our memory of who we truly are. She is all that you have forgotten. Kneel down and be thankful SHE is not gone from our planet. Because of India, we still live.

She is the Goddess ... this is what India is for the planet. She is indispensable.

I would not expect a 69 year old man who has been in the military and raised in Britain in a colonial era to have a clue what this is about... so I am writing this for everyone else. You serve a purpose X. You bring out the dark mess of the male mind... for us to look at and say:
"Thank God that era has passed....fare thee well - your time is done. God speed to your next incarnation where these lopsided and unbalanced views you hold will be erased and you can start anew to find out what this world is REALLY made of and WHO is really creating all these wonderful things that you so painfully misunderstand. "

I would hope there is still time for you to wake...I will ask these good folk to send this wish for you... that you don't leave the planet so pitiably unaware. "May X learn the truth of his own being."

On another Note:

I was privileged to hear

Dr. Jean Houston

speak yesterday. She is the lady who is the consultant to Hillary Clinton and who got misnamed by the (50+ all white male ) press as a psychic.. she is not. She has been friends to all kinds of major figures in American life, Margaret Meade, Joseph Campbell, Eleanor Roosevelt even.

She is helping Hillary write a book about women. She is a great character- idiosyncratic but movingly deep in her outlook. She says that what is psychopathic today will be tomorrows "norm" that consciousness is changing and we are in the interim period before it stabilizes into a new form. There are some interesting books on this idea, that consciousness is evolving.

She feels that the power of speech is underutilized. That you can overcome many monsters by speaking forthrightly and strongly using strong powerful words. She says we should read poetry every day.

She says to put on your favorite inspirational music and then conduct the orchestra with your whole body, feet, eyebrows, eyes, arms, elbows and hips etc.. then do the same with your LIFE!

She says depression is a normal "ingression" whereby you prepare for the next development. It is natural and time to do inner work. The most important thing she said is


So if you wish to be a painter, act yourself painting see your wonderful work, move the body as you pretend to paint. You do not have to be really doing it, but this sets up a change in the body's systems which brings about the REAL thing. This was very powerful for me. - --
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