INDIGO CHILDREN: (From: Atlantis Mailing List August 1997)
Letter from Jon Locke

This might tie in with the blue race you are talking about. though not blue in skin, they are called Indigo Children. The following article is by Lee Carroll, from the Kryon Quarterly newsletter, Issue 6, 1997.
"One of the most amazing attributes of the new age is going to come right out the cribs of thousands of homes all over the world. The new children of the "indigo" color have arrived in mass and are already among us. Sometimes I think this is what has been predicted as "the mass landing"! Although Kryon has foretold of these children as early as 1989, it has only been recently that he has channeled specific information regarding some of their attributes, and how we might benefit in our interactions with them.
As sensational as it might sound, Kryon tells us that we have earned the right to start changing our actual biology. This will be necessary to take us into the new millennium at a higher vibration, heading toward a time in the not too distant future where the the planet will be given permission to change in a great way. With many humans in a vibration state that is much higher than we are experiencing now, the planet will be given permission to slowly evolve into a new dimension, and a new vibration of its own. Kryon isn't alone in this prediction, and you can find it not only in other current channels, but also in the calendars of the ancients.
With new gifts and spiritual tools from Spirit, Kryon tells us in multiple channels about how we are able to begin our own transformations. Through all of this, however, Kryon has also given us information about the new children coming in now. Eventually these new ones are being given a different kind of duality consciousness, and some even have some physical attributes that are unique.
When Kryon began to give some specifics, day care workers in each seminar would shake their heads in agreement, verifying indeed that the children have been much different in the last few years. Many of these workers have been caring for children for over fifteen years, and are keenly aware of some remarkable changes in attitude over the last five.

(1) Spiritual consciousness: Be aware that these new children have an overlay of knowledge of who they are that is far different from what we had as children. At the cellular level they "know" that they are creatures of the Universe, with incredible purpose on the planet. The duality of their consciousness is therefore different from ours. The result is multi-fold: First, they are positioned to be able to change into a new vibration if they chose to, far easier than we can. If and when the moment arrives for self discovery in any of them during their lives, they will have far less trouble with self worth issues, fear, and past life residue. Their transition into a new vibration will be effortless, and they will completely grasp some very complex issues about vibrational changes and how these work with the very dirt of the planet. This doesn't automatically mean that the new children will all become new age enlightened beings. They will still have the same free choice we have self discovery...but if the discovery is made, they have better equipment to carry out the work than we do. It would be like having the attributes of Babe Ruth hiding in all of us. Some of us won't even pick up a bat, but those who do will have a great ability to hit the ball.
Kryon told mothers and fathers that because of this attribute, they would have to treat the children differently. The absolute worse thing parents could do would be to belittle one of these children to get them to behave. Now this fact has been true even for regular children in past years, so what's the difference? Kryon says that in the past a child whowas told that he wasn't worth much might be affected in an adverse way. It would come out later, and the child could have to undergo counseling as an adult for worthiness issues. So what's new?
Kryon now says that because of the new awareness,the child will instead experience a total breach of trust...since they absolutely know better! The child cannot be convinced that he is anything but deserving of all that is! He intuitively knows who he is at the cellular level. Guilt will not work either. "Wait till your dad gets home" is a phrase that simply won't bring about the results it used to. Instead the child will seem not to react at all, and the desired fear of dad finding out simply won't work. The inner knowing of "who he is" short circuits all the old tricks of discipline.
What can we do?, the parents ask. Read on.
(2) Attitude: Kryon told us that the new age children would act differently, and the day care specialists again are seeing this. Here is an example: The new age children will not stand in line when told to. (Oh no! What's going to happen at Disneyland?). Instead, the day care folks are giving the children the goals that standing in line will bring, andthen giving them a time frame to work it out for themselves. Therefore, instead of saying, "Okay kids, get in line right now to receive your lunch," the workers are saying, "Okay kids, it's lunch time and you have three minutes to prepare the line." Suddenly it becomes a group effort to figure out who is going to stand in line first, and where the line will begin. The children solve the puzzle themselves (gasp!), and take responsibility for the action to bring about the result. It's a new way of thinking both for the kids, and the adults that watch over them. You can already see that this new method, as well as many others, center on giving the kids more information at younger ages to allow them to figure it out for themselves. Take responsibility at five? Figure out a social issue (compromise on who gets to stand in line first)? Does this sound like some new age principles for adults or kids? It's for both, and that's the whole point. These children are far more aware of how things work, and you can't fool them!
So what should parents do about control and discipline? The answer is that they should first explain to children (no matter how young...even those who cannot speak yet) why they are being asked to do something and then give them a choice (if old enough). I was in the home of a three year old indigo child several weeks ago. You could look into his eyes and see what an old soul he was. His parents knew who he was, and were very successful in the task of getting him to interface in a meaningful way with the family. At dinner instead of being asked to "sit down", he was asked to choose "where to sit" (the parents had thoughtfully prepared a couple of options). Therefore an uncaring command became a loving request to chose. In both cases the overview was the dinner was being served, and an expected action was required.
I also saw the child object once or twice later in the evening (he was tired and crabby like all children get), and he was firmly disciplined appropriately with stern words in accompanying action. The difference? He was treated correctly with respect, but he still tried to push himselfpast his appropriate place (as all chindren do to test their power)...then came the expected disciplinary action...with logical calm explanation. The difference here was not in the way the child was disciplined as much as in the way he was treated up to and during the problem. Through all of this the child gets the point: "We treat you with respect, and you do the same with us."
Kryon tells parents to make friends of their children very early, and try to drop the old parent/child relationship that we all knew as children. Parents will find extremely early that their children will respond, and indeed will have a far different relationship than we ever had as children. They will be far wiser, and will shock us with the self discipline they will develop (self responsibility). They will recognize social issues faster, and be far more concerned with "grown up" things at a much earlier age...and yes, they will become our friends early. Good-by generation gap. It's an old paradigm. I have seen it!
Three times this year we had fifteen year olds boys attend a Kryon seminar. In one case the boy demanded that his parents bring him (he had found the Kryon books by himself). In the second case he came as a total equal with this parents, absorbing all the information, meditation, toning and channeling as the adults did (8 hours worth). In the third case, the boy read the Kryon books and resounded greatly to them. He received permission from his parents in Alaska to come alone to a Kryon seminar!
In each case I spent time with the precious ones. Okay, so they were still teenagers, and spoke and acted like teenagers. (Can you remember your teen years? I honor the growing up process, and pray to Spirit that I will never forget what it was like. I believe it has helped me to relate to young people). The difference in these young ones was in the wisdom factor. One asked me "what should I do in the next years to get along with my parents...they don't understand me." Explain, I asked. "They don't understand that I'm here to help the planet." Oh my God, I nearly fell over. What a dichotomy! The wise old soul waiting to grow up to fulfill his mission in the teen age body...and he even knew what to ask for!
I told him to be patient with his parents. Do everything they asked him to in love and respect, and never judge them for their decisions. They would respect him in return. Five years would go fast, and then it was his turn to claim adulthood. It's the same kind of advice I would give to any teenager, but in this case I saw complete understanding in his eyes, and he thanked me for the insight. I watched him leave, and though to myself, there goes an entirely new breed of human!"
Drunvalo has also spoken of these children. There was an article in Omni magazine, I forgot which year, which mentioned a group of them. You could take a piece of paper from a book at random adn give it to oneof them and they could take it and wad it up and stick it under their arm and quote it back to you word for word. And so could any other student in the room.

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