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Picture of Isis with Wings

" The mother of the stars, the parent of seasons, and the mistress of all the world." Lucius Apuleius

WHO is ISIS? Isis was the Mother Goddess, the wife/sister of Osiris, daughter of Nut, mother of Horus. She and the baby Horus are the icons that were converted into the Madonna and Child after the Christian era. It is said that the worship and love for Isis, the goddess of the home and hearth, was so great she was literally absorbed into Christian iconography. She was loved and adored for her compassion, loyalty, and healing ability. It seems that Isis is the Mother of the world. A Great book about Isis is "The Mysteries of Isis" by DeTraci Regula.
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Member of the Fellowship of Isis.
Minister of the Universal Light Church

Isis with Rod

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