Friday, October 5, 2001
Today Jack O'Brien and Isis were able to make some BIG steps to pull our dear GAIA out of the influence of the dark agenda--otherwise known as the Niw World Orter and the influence of demonic beings of a serpentian or reptilian appearance who have infiltrated into human forms. Today many of you will be aware that something shifted. It shifted indeed. Jack and Isis re- linked up our planet to an exquisite ring of love that emanates from the CENTRAL SUN. This ring is an incredible PINK. Our planet and solar system were in this ring before. We had been surreptitiously darkened by invasions by reptilian and draconic beings from Orion, so that we were no long in that ring of LOVE. But not any more Today is as significant as April 4, 1998 which was also a Friday! (see Armageddon)

The Orion aliens and some who have been living within our soil for a long time, have been trying to control human beings for thousands of years through mind control, domination, manipulation of the subconscious and plain evil, service-to-self behavior. The destruction of the planet, under ground, under water and in the atmosphere and firmament has reached a critical juncture. The events of September 11, 2001 brought their true hatred of humanity to the fore. It is no longer a covert operation to take over the world. They are coming out and revealing their horrific nature. Humanity cannot ignore the NW* agenda any longer. Thus we are all shocked into waking up and making bold moves to balance what is so truly evil in our midst that has so undermined our lovely paradise with lies and deceit. The experiment for the dark ones, the Orion Queen and her overweaning control on the fourth dimension is over. The trumpet has sounded today. The fat lady sang. You are outahere, lady.
It is a day when the future of this planet was restored to what it was intended to be. We are intended to be emissaries of love to the cosmos. It is our planetary body filled with human beings in tune and aligned with the CENTRAL SUN being, a being of immense love, that has a significant role to play in bringing love and joy to any creature around the galaxy or universe who requests it. Jack's web site holds testament to the many beings that have received the gift of Unconditional Love over the years and how it has transformed them into awesome beings.
Apparently our planet or solar unit was part of this ring of love at one time, and had been invaded by dark agendas to pull us out of it. We appeared to be the weakest link in this ring which appears to have balls of pink love at intervals around it. It is like a bracelet with baubles spaced at intervals. Apparently our solar system was supposed to be one of these baubles, but it was darkened by the invasion by what most of us call SATAN (who is not just one being, but a hive of them all controlled like a bee hive by a Queen in Orion.)

Thus the ring was incomplete and broken. This is why we have been so carefully observed from the cosmos. What we do on this planet affects so many more aspects of the divine plan. Will we choose LOVE or will we choose to fall into FEAR and revenge? Inspite of all the news reports since the World Trade explosions this past month, I see only love in the hearts of humanity; I feel no revenge. In fact, the enemy was supposedly Afghanistan, but no one is bombing there. Instead, food and supplies are pouring into the refugee camps to help. The heart of humanity has responded without anger, without revenge. This was our test. We passed it. Everyone on this planet that has voted for forgiveness and compassion instead of revenge and hatred, has earned the right to enter this RING OF LOVE.
Welcome to your birthright humanity.
That has been the choice that God gave us.
Our planetary system appeared "weak" to the dark beings because of "free will" which as you must know by now after the horrific events of September 11, 2001, has been totally abused by the Orion agenda (see more of this in and the Mars Records ) to make humanity slaves, and to exploit the resources of our planet and solar system in violation of the divine will.
In the hearts of human beings is a crystal or light that connects directly to the Central Sun. I call this being SHIVA. (See the Mantra Om Namah Shivaya)

From an article by Muktananda: "The great knowers have called Him Consciousness, the Consciousness which dwells inside. And that Consciousness is your real Self, your real inner Self. The great seers, the great sages who knew everything, have said that purusha, that Self, lives inside your heart and is the size of a thumb. That is the most luminous of all things, and He is inside you. That One rules over the past, present and future. By knowing Him, a person overcomes all fears.
The Upanishads ask,"What pain, what suffering, what difficulty can that person have who has once known Him, who has once seen Him? That is the One which is absolute Bliss. That is the One which is the greatest happiness." The great Maharastrian poet-saint, Krishnasuta says, "How can one who experiences that bliss, have any suffering or any fear? For him who sees everything as the same, there is neither suffering, nor pain, nor anything of which he can be afraid."
DEAR HUMANS who read this. Your destiny is assured. You joined in this effort to day. We have done away with the COUNCILS who were allowing this evil into our world. We have kicked them out. We have gone DIRECTLY to the CENTRAL being and asked that we no longer be subject to these outrageous acts of abuse and attack. THE CENTRAL BEING has responded saying to Jack and Isis "What took you so long? We have been waiting for this." It is done. Om Namah Shivaya.

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