Isis had taken a trip to Y. where Osiris was working in early June. He worked in a a small junior college. Here is a brilliant valuable and gifted astronomer working for dimes in an insignificant college in the middle of nowhere. It was obvious that this was not his only job, and it was a 'cover' for his real work which was working on navigation devices for incoming spaceships on Mars according to the reformed Aliens.

She had told O. about her trip, but he never contacted her on her arrival. He was not permitted to see her and was spirited away to Los Angeles (Costa Mesa) well before she arrived . She went to his college driving alone and under psychic attack, a dismal drive of 300 miles through some of the most desolate and miserable country in the world. There was no joy in this place whatsoever.

She did magic and chants all the way to try to bring some love energy into the desert where only depression seemed to hang. Sound is a powerful force and she knew that the strange syllables coming from her mouth were heard and understood. Her guidance said just to go to places where the energies would be altered by her presence and energy. So she went with the intention of connecting and sending love and joy into Osiris's office and college.

Just as she entered the town a desert coyote dashed out in front of her car and she took it as a sign from the Amerindians that she would be protected from harm. She was.
She found the college on a small hill and her intuition sensed it was a cover for underground places which lead to a nearby airport where strange looking planes were taking off even in the daylight. It made sense how he had been taken away on weekends. Although she was observed by a man all the time she was near Osiris's office, she took photos of the place, then spontaneously took her shoes off and did a Goddess spin on the grass outside his office with great JOY and love in her heart. She knew somehow he would feel this when he returned to work the next day. She was sending joy energy down into the ground and then linking it up to the Pleiades above. It seemed perhaps that there was a ship above, watching and observing her actions.

At the time she intuitively did this, Isis did not know that she was enacting an ancient ceremony as the Earthgoddess that was performed before the summer Solstice at Avebury, England to confront demons and clean them out of the earth.

(see references in Signet of Atlantis by Barbara Hand Clow.)

Although full of fear yet not afraid, she faced the demonic energy that had captured and enslaved her beloved. Later at the summer Solstice two weeks later, all the demonic beings (Aliens) running the horror laboratories and experiments under this city were emptied out by a mysterious being of light. He came through in the early morning of June 22, opening up all the locked prisons and releasing everyone underneath Y. from mental and physical prisons, and banishing the Aliens from this land. The negative beings have never recovered and the last traces of them are leaving now. Just as in ancient times, the Earthgoddess had once again turned the planet, Gaia, from evil tyranny and reinstated love, joy and light.

Later she heard from Osiris that indeed all his colleagues had gotten jobs out of there and were all leaving before the end of June. What a victory. What a great human victory.

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