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RECENT ARTICLES (1999 - 2004)

HERE you can find a mixture of essays on the human condition and the plight of my astronaut and brilliant astronomer friend, Osiris who is still alive and living. With these days of mysterious deaths of all kinds of scientists who might have secrets and skills to save us, it is no insignificant feat!
**Please remember as you read this that humanity is in grave danger. It is as if the vultures are waiting to eat us up. These vultures we see trying to take spirituality out of your life(by GWEN and HAARP), life out of your food, (MONSANTO) life out of your environment (NAVY and ELF). They exist. They are very much active. Hold to your spirit.; nurture it every day. This is your true treasure.
Truly this is the Kali Yuga.. the age of destruction. But FIRST an invocation from Aphrodite: Remember that the Goddess lives here. YES.. she is alive in our planet. In Hawaii she is REAL, VISIBLE and TANGIBLE. She is in the perfume of the flowers, the song of the birds, the green luscious foliage, and the crystal, indigo ocean! She is here fully for all to enjoy.

  • Updated: What is EVIL? Definitions and examples to make you wake up to some real facts about evil.
  • Article by Diana Huston that gives her definitions of Evil Conclusions. Profound thoughts on the subject. Something we all need to know.
  • Words of HELP with Evil from Stuart Wilde. He verbalizes the horror and brings hope of an end to this merger into the Astral Realm of demons and devas.
  • Ascension is coming. With only ten "quickening" years left, do we have TIME to stay uninvolved in the story of our planet?
  • Communication with a Water Deva in Hawaii and how this solved a restaurant's water problem.
    Fung Shuy perhaps, or just common sense?
  • The true meaning of Compassion? When one can see the direction a fallen one is heading, when one has been down a certain road and knows the terrain so well, then one can have full compassion. It's that Mocassin thing...
  • The Human Subconscious . Sorry it is long.. when I have more time I will cut it down. Our Achilles heel is buried deep within; it is how we are controlled by malignant forces. Based on the Huna tradition, this explanation is not going to be your Psychology 100 text book! Can we free ourselves of vulnerable holes in our aura such as guilt and shame and become fully human? Only our subconscious can say.
  • Confirmation from the Cassiopaens and Don Juan of the evidence for human Predators and the facts about HAARP... "No it isn't about the weather, Dorothy! And it is stranger than the Wizard was!" Not for the squeamish.
  • Mind Control's insidious role in our world. Not for the caring heart ! Mind Control
  • India as a representation of the Goddess. For those who hunger for their Mother Goddess. She lives on our Planet in India.
  • Osiris' Trials and Resurrection: UPDATE:

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