Advice from Barbara Hand Clow Signet of Atlantis
In The Signet of Atlantis -by Barbara Hand Clow

Barbara says that in our adventures with Osiris and the evil alien-infested secret government, we created a pyramid of Truth and Love

It is p. 104 as follows:

"..I Akbar am here from Orion to inform you that a new sense of humanity is emerging from the deepest levels of your being. The connection you desire is fast approaching. Those who know this must now position themselves as the third point of the triangle -- between abuser and abused, victim and victimizer--and radiate love to both sides. By making yourself into body of light between abuser and abused, you can triangulate the energy and resolve the polarization of good and evil.

The need is for absolutely fanatical exposure of all emotional-body pain and for shift in perceptions of your roles in the dramas. For many lives now we have been in relationship with other individuals who are dealing with the teachings of pain.

Now it is time to radiate love and compassion to those beings who are working with these lessons, but also to remove ourselvs from the karma of these energies. Release your need to experience the pain of others. Be there to radiate love and compassion, but release the need to take on their pain. ....[continued]

In the Americas, the medicine teachings are also being activated as individual teachers learn how to exist in the energy of one of the four directions. As each teacher is empowered by his or her own direction, everywhere they go they encounter other individuals who need the teachings of the other three directions, an these people align with them. As this happens, four pyramids of light arise, their baselines formed from each side of the square they created as they held thefour directions. These four pyramids rise to form a capstone above this square base--a capstone oflove that feeds the Earth and frees all four direction holders. In this way, these four individuals are pulled out of the polarity of abuser and abused. In other words, the medicine teacher first walks the planet holding a specific direction and three other individuals who have been playing out personal karmic dramas are attracted to that teacher. The result is that the destruction triangle is broken, free into a four sided pyramid of light.

Let me explain a bit further, since this is a powerful healing form. Personal karmic dramas are often the last desires that need to be released from threee uncleared individuals. Such triangulation is often held in form by one who loves the other two individuals who are locked togehter in an abuse/abused game. For awhile, the one who loves the two game players is holding space and hope for them. Eventually, these three individuals will draw to them a fourth person [Jack O'Brien in this case] who is clear of abusive patterns--and is therefore a "direction holder"-- and this person will bust their agenda. With the agenda gone, the three will lose the desire that once fueled their drama.

Truly in the coming days,

you will be amazed as you watch EVIL dissipate in this way. You will see people dematerialize, or decide to leave the plant, as they release their desires.

Hold space and clarity for the completion of such dramas in these times.

...Once the work is done, the Keepers of Shapeshifting will move to another direction. When enough indiviudals have chosen peace and cleared themselves, they will shapeshift--that is take a direction that reflects their own clarity. And this in turn will draw others into releasing their desires. Finally, pyramids of the four directions will be formed by four great medicine teachers, and peace will come instantly.

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