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The Human Subconscious

The information in this article is copyrighted to Isis June 2000. Correct documentation with the author's name must be included in any use. I submit all my intentions and life effort at the feet of my guru, Muktananda and to the great redeeming mantra, Om Namah Shivaya. Om Tat Sat.

"The Hawaiian Kahunas and their philosophy of "Huna", knew the magic of how to steal a voice from a person, to pray a person to death, to take parts of the soul, to heal mental illness and broken bones and to bring back the dead to life."

Ever since I read the book The Secret Science Behind Miracles by Max Freedom Long some 8 years past, I have been changed and so report many others. Why is it that an obscure author has made such an impact on the world? Because Max Long wrote down his research and findings about the ancient Hawaiian Huna science for the Western mind. When the Europeans first came to Hawaii, these traditions and philosophy were understood and practiced widely throughout the islands by the Hawaiian people, as they were in other Pacific islands, although there had been some negative and selfish influences just prior to Captain Cook's arrival. The Christian traditions of missionary zeal had no respect or understanding for Huna, and so the missionaries brought their uptight and life-denying energies into a culture that was atuned to nature and the truth of human existence far advanced of what is even understood today in Western culture.

In their zeal to "save" the native people from paganism, the missionaries created taboos on the ancient language and the ancient practices of the Hawaiian people. To save their culture from total extinction, it was necessary for the Hawaiian Kahunas to hide the knowledge within their language, within sacred caves and among trusted initiates. The knowledge they had went underground and has remained very much hidden even to this day, so deep is the mistrust and injury the people have suffered. There are teachers of these traditions within the Hawaiian community, but the authentic teachers are far and few.

The information that follows is not just the superstitious and quaint ideas of an almost extinct race of people, but the very voice of who we were before our FALL from GRACE. What the indigenous people of this planet have done for us now is to bring back to us the memory of WHO we truly are. They have preserved this information through many dark hours of human disintegration just so today we might hear this and remember it to be the truth and save ourselves. The reasons for this Fall are not discussed in this article, but indications as to the reasons for it are given at this web site under my article Evil.html .
How do the Three Selves or Souls Operate in Man?
The Hawaiian Kahunas and their philosophy of "Huna", knew the magic of how to steal a voice from a person, to pray a person to death, to take parts of the soul, to heal mental illness and broken bones and to bring back the dead to life. The Kahunas understood the three souls of man or the three levels that constitute a living human being. How they knew this thousands of years ago, when most of modern psychiatry has not still understood these principles, says a lot about indigenous peoples and their legacy now to Earth and humanity. Most of the information I include here comes from The Secret Science Behind Miracles and Recovering the Ancient Magic by Max Freedom Long and Laura Kealoha Yardley, The Heart of Huna. Neither of these writers is an authentic Kahuna, although they have done their best to gather the information that they had available to them. The essential Kahuna magic is still preserved within the ancient Hawaiian stones. Nonetheless, the information is life-altering. I do not know anyone who has read "The Secret Science Behind Miracles" and not been changed irrevocably by it. This information is sufficient to give humanity insights now into how we have been controlled by secret cabals and tyrants who have guarded this knowledge jealously and then abused the power of this information. Woe to them! Insights about who these beings are can be found at the Leading Edge Web site and David Icke site.

The Science of Huna

According to the ancient Hawaiians, human beings have three separate souls or levels of being, with each part or soul at a different stage of evolution and development. It is as if the child, the adult and the parent all lived in the same house. According to Long's work, each aspect or soul has a different function, and different characteristics. This is where the confusions and problems arise for humanity. There are blocks between the middle soul and the higher and lower souls. Thus there is not a clear uninterrupted flow of communication and information within the being. We are as if a house divided against itself.

I believe that the three souls "should" and at one time, did, all function synchronistically together as ONE UNIT meeting in the HEART as a multidimensional but integrated entity with information processed between all levels, so that a stream of light and knowledge flowed constantly between the souls. This would make the human being be fully consciously aware not only of the lower self, the animal level of self at the body and emotional level, but aware also of the higher plan of the divine, and the cosmic plan for the planet. Such an entity acts as an acupuncture needle between the Earth and the sky, between matter and spirit, between sensation and cosmic harmony. When a human being is aligned from higher to lower in one integrated being, she is atuned to the Earth in such a way as to be aware of how the Earth *feels,* how the stars* feel* and how the divine Will is to be manifest. This honorable role is one of divination and stewardship. Such was and will be again the original plan for mankind. But something went awry. The connections have been interfered with in such a way that a great percentage of the planet, unfortunately, have little to no connection between the heart and the mind. This is where the work of restoring mankind must be focused.

The human being who is not fully integrated in his heart is unable to hear all levels of his multidimensional selves. He is as one cut off from guidance and floundering in a world he can make no sense of. He constantly depends upon others for advice, which rarely aligns with his true needs and his soul's purpose. When he does not follow his inner guidance or superconscious, his power can be stolen and used by others. Further, his mind will tell him one thing, his instincts another. Who does he believe? In many cases he believes that the instincts are devils, so he pushes away the instinctual knowledge. This is still a part of his being or soul, so he is then walking around with a lost part of himself. This lost part is actually appropriated by other beings, such as ghosts and spirits, and since it is still attached at some level, the influence of "devils" can be magnified even more. It is a short step to mental illness.

Because we are a house divided, confusion reigns; we see this everywhere, particularly with teen suicides. Every time we turn on the talk shows, we hear this confusion. People are crying out to understand their multidimensional parts which are all screaming for attention and no one aspect of us is really running the show. It is indeed a time for this Huna science to be explicated and brought to the world at large.

The science of Huna, (not a religion) understood that the three souls (unihipili [low -subconscious], the uhane [middle - conscious] and aumakua [higher -superconscious] ) operated together within one human being's body, much as we see the triple features of the Divine in Christianity or Hinduism.

The Huna tradition says that the lower self can be governed by the middle self, with the aumakua in control of the middle. The aumakua or superconscious "does not live in the body, but is attached to it in a psychic way. It corresponds to ... "Wisdom" (Long, Recovering the Ancient Magic 213). According to Long ( The Secret Science 101), the "superconscious, ... is the oldest and most highly evolved of men's three selves or spirits (the aumakua or "parental spirit.")"

I believe that the higher self or superconscious is connected to the ALL that IS of the universal cosmology and thus is fully aware of the universal realms, but it will not directly influence the conscious mind because it observes the sacred rule of "FREE WILL CHOICE." The higher self will only take over in its wisdom if the two lower selves ask for this. Such would be the religious experience of "Not my will, but thine be done." There is no "fatherly god" doing anything for us; we have just made a request by the lower two souls of the higher soul to follow the guidance of grace and wisdom available to all.

Long affirms that the aumakua or higher self will not interefere with the lower souls because of free will. The lower souls are allowed to make mistakes and follow their own "will" and of course, learn by trial and error within the laws of Karma. However, I find in cases where people reach a crisis in their lives and may try to commit suicide, often the higher mind will step in in some dramatic way and intervene. I know that when I was 13 I felt great despair from following the Episcopal church teachings diligently and finding out that I was still not attaining saintly virtues. In my despair I felt that I did not want to live unless I could improve myself. This deep anguish must have triggered my higher self to come to me as a vision that told me to give up the useless practices that were tormenting me. I would be taken care of in time, and I was to live a normal life and "accept myself as I was." The wisdom and guidance of this being, my aumakua, was a pivotal point in my life and changed everything from that point on. No priest could advise me to throw away the very teachings that had been ordained by the church! My higher self, which I saw as Jesus, had come to me and given me advice at a critical moment in my life.

I feel my desperate request was heard by the higher self. I am sure if I had been a Muslim, I would have seen Mohammed or an Angel of Allah. The point is that this guidance was MINE from ME. It did not come from another flawed being. It came from the higher self which has been "me" through many lifetimes and lives and knows what is the best thing for me in the divine plan. It is not limited to this one lifetime, but has a picture of the entire plan for my path back to wholeness and divinity. This higher self, sometimes called the "superconscious," is infinitely wise and loving in my experience and has never let me down with advice or guidance.

It's obvious the ability to access the higher mind is vital to the future of the planet and mankind on it. The Egyptians knew this. They called this higher mind the "Ka" and the pyramids are testimony to the importance they ascribed to this higher connection since these were devices created specifically to access the cosmic intelligence of the superconscious.

From my personal experience, having a relationship with my superconscious has made life on this planet for me entirely more bearable. I feel the cosmic influence, I see with a cosmic perspective, I understand the microcosm in the macrocosm, and I find my subconscious more calm and contented. It has cured me of depression and hopelessness. I am never alone with this connection to the higher self which has conveyed to me my purpose on this planet and my role in the cosmos. The daily irritations of life, the idiosyncracies of our modern world fade in importance because I can connect with my higher self and discover the overall plan. A year before Y2K, I wrote an article that came from my higher self about how it would be a huge non-event in terms of all the disasters that were forecast. I never hoarded food, nor even changed any plans for myself because of Y2K and I told everyone, there would be nothing to fear. As Y2K came and went, everything my higher self had told me to expect unfolded. This has been the case unerringly. Its wisdom is awesome. I believe that the ability of humanity to awaken the divine Ka is the secret to our ascension as a species.

The Middle Self (uhane) is the conscious mind that most of us drive ourselves crazy existing in throughout our lives. The conscious mind is the logical calculating mind. It is the one aspect of us that our schools promote exclusively above intuition and wisdom. It has no emotions, but it sums up situations through deduction and logic then brings in its "will" to intend the lower self to act. It is designed to keep us from burning our hand on the hot stove. The fear-based obsession with this one part of our psyche is what has created our disorganized and chaotic environment. When we hunt tigers to extinction, we are unconnected to our higher soul which would tell us of the unity we have to all animals and creatures on our planet. Our true higher self would never allow such abuse of another species. When we build monstrous nuclear power stations on our pristine rivers, we are not connected to the essence of ourselves which would warn us of the inherent death we are creating. Our obsession with technology and gadgets is an escape into the limitless maze of the mind from which there is no exit.

Because we have gotten stuck in our middle or conscious-mind, we have denied the intuitive and spiritual dimensions of ourselves, so we do not see how we are so handicapped. Daniel Golman in "Emotional Intelligence" advocates that existing solely in this part of our mind, we are living a sort of twilight existence. Without the input of the emotions and intuition or the higher mind, grave consequences appear in society such as depression, deliquency, aggression, crime, violence, dropouts from society, drug abuse and so forth, not to count all the problems of interpersonal relationships. Many great teachers have advocated using the conscious mind for such things as crossing the street safely, or finding our way to a new location, but to depend only on this mind is to invite the disasters we see around us. I see this dependence as the reason the television talk shows are so full of young people asking "What is my life about?" "I hate myself," and " I want to die."

The uhane or the conscious mind, therefore, is a part of us in need of most help. There is some flaw in the communication system of the middle or conscious self, for it does not directly communicate with the higher self. So man does not consciously know what is the highest thing to do based on his multidimensional access to the higher mind. He does not know what fits into the cosmology of the planet he lives on and is thus out of synchronicity. He is producing the dirty, polluted mess and bizarre weather that we now witness. It is this conscious mind driven by primitive emotions from the lower self that are not examined through the lense of the higher mind, that has created nuclear bombs, wars, pollution and social chaos. Man is out of touch with his heart. Most people see this clearly, but do not know what to do about it. This problem of disconnection from the heart and higher self and lower self is the key to how we have been made to look like idiots that cannot manage to exist in harmony with our own planet.

This middle self, or conscious mind, is not only unable to access the Higher Knowledge, but is also unable to "read" consciously the messages of the subconscious or low self when they come. If asked, each man believes himself to be totally logical in all that he does, yet if he watched a video tape of his own behavior each day, it is clear that he has many strange movements of the body, statements out of his mouth and general behaviors which do not appear to be at all logical or motivated by common sense. If asked to explain these behaviors, he will try to rationalize them, creating fanciful fictions that border on insanity.

The subconscious is telling the conscious something by creating dysfunctions in the ordered and logical flow of life. When it is time to attend an important function, our human comes down with an illness which prevents him/her having to meet the challenge. S/He gets sick with strange diseases of the body when s/he feels bored with his job. S/he trips and falls during an important race so s/ he gets sympathy for losing. He marries a woman because he feels she is so different from his mother, yet she turns out to be a copy of his mother. These are the messages from the low self or the subconscious. These constitute the evidence of a powerful lower self or child who is overruling the conscious mind.

For example, if the person has to give a speech at an important function. The lower self starts to create fear because of a memory of speaking in front of the class in 2nd grade where he gave a wrong answer and everyone laughed. This humiliating situation to the conscious mind, is past history and forgotten. But to the subconscious or lower self, this happened NOW. There is only now to the subconscious. It has a perfect memory of everything, but no concept of past or future. Everything is present time. The fear creates (for this subsconscious is very creative) the illness which nicely excludes the person from making the important speech. It is likely there will be a sense of relief which is consciously acknowledged.

The conscious brain does the socially acceptable things and attempts to make one look logical and organized, while the subconscious or lower self does not have any language to communicate its needs to the uhane, except by controlling body functions, sending pictures or images and creating emotions. Were the human being connected through the heart to all three souls, this information from the lower self would become conscious. Human beings are a house divided with each soul having a separate agenda, and the middle conscious self having no clue about the other parts of itself. This is where we begin to observe the flaws in our makeup. Here is our Achilles tendon.

The Hawaiian Kahunas and Egyptians knew that the low self (unihipili)was always in the body registering information i.e. remembering, but that it has no logical skill to determine who or what is giving it instructions, what to believe or not, and has no ability to determine right from wrong. It does not even have the awareness to save itself from death. It follows orders and suggestions which can be highly illogical and at odds with reality to a fault. It is almost robotic and has fixations or complexes. I think this is evident with anorexics who are skin and bone, yet still consider themselves too fat and refuse to eat. Their subconscious has received some strong programming that they are overweight or too fat, and inspite of the reality of the conscious mind, they see only this. It is obvious how this programming takes place through teasing at school, through media messages in magazines, radio and TV. Thus the low self is easily manipulated to create strong aversions or patterns of beliefs that fly in the face of reality. Comparisons can easily be made with the lower self as a computer which can be programmed to perform certain actions flawlessly.

This is a very powerful feature of the subconscious. It performs tasks diligently. What is not so good about this is that the orders may not come through its conscious mind, but can be brought in from outsiders who may or may not have good intentions. The programming can be done through various means that the secret agencies of governments have discovered for forcing people to reveal the truth. This same technology has been infiltrated into the television and radio with subliminal programming. I have always resisted commercial programs until I saw one for a hair shampoo called "Mink." The girl's dark tresses seemed incredibly shiny and beautiful. I found myself looking for this shampoo on my next visit to the pharmacy. I was reading the label when I suddenly woke up to the reality that this shampoo was no better nor worse than my regular one. I had been programmed to purchase it. Thank goodness my conscious mind woke up to this influence.

Something more serious occurs with the low self. When the conscious mind is absent, during comas, sleep and trance states, the unihipili is in charge of the body. It is as if a small magical , fanciful 4 year old child were running each human being. The subconscious has no concept of moral values. It is controlled by emotions and the senses. What "feels" good is okay with the lower self. It has no discimination. It registers whatever is going on while one is asleep or dozing, inebriated or intoxicated. When we fall asleep in front of the television, we are opening our subconscious to a host of poisonous suggestions about how we should be spending our money and where we should be placing our values.

This take over of the body by a 4 year old often wounded child, would not be so disastrous if it were not that this "child," the "inner child" of John Bradshaw's library, were not so incredibly powerful. The subconscious soul takes in the food and converts this to chi, prana or life force. This force is used by the other two souls to enact their tasks. Long says that this low self creates mana or biomagnetic energy. This child or low self is the Achilles tendon of humanity and the very key to how we have been almost destroyed. Its ability to control the body, to make it well or sick, to make it function or not, and to manifest its wishes in the physical world, can be controlled by outside wills. The implications of this are far-reaching.

Long explains some of the tasks of the subconscious as " (A) that of keeping the bodily processes active; (B) that of retaining memories; and (C) that of serving the conscious mind. " The subconscious has also the ability to send out strings that are sticky and attach to anything with which there has been a relationship of some kind. It is through these "aka" cords that telepathy is carried out. The more in love or fond of a person one is, the more of these cords are attached both to and from the individual. It is possible to see these cords as tentacles. When couples break up after an intense love relationship, it is often painful, draining and paralyzing for them because so much of their basic life force is being drained through these cords. Cutting the "aka" cords after a romantic breakup, will quickly restore both parties to their own energy source and help heal the pain much faster. Such facts are well known to healers.

The subconscious appears then to have the following set of characteristics all of which have been used to control human beings:
It appears that in our cellar we have a diminutive monster. The vulnerability of this powerful but atavistic aspect of our psyche must be now understood if humanity is to survive. It is that important. Our little child must grow up and be under the control of our "uhane" and "aumakua" (middle conscious and higher super conscious) if we plan on being little more than a bad experiment in Free Will choice in God's scrapbook.

To communicate with this low self requires some strategies on the part of the conscious mind but the tools are available to us. Max Long states that a physical impact must be used to wake up the subconscious and make it change. This can be by using physical stimulus such as water or stones or pleasure for example. The baptism ritual is one such very powerful use of water to inbue the subconscious with the cleansing of guilt. In one recent ritual that was very powerful, introduced by Springs of PowersthatBe, we worked on suggesting to the low self a very high manifestation of a goal. We found a piece of coral with a hole through it. We then blew through the hole to stimulate the subconscious to pay attention and to involve the breath. As we blew through the hole, we set intention (Will) of the middle self to accomplish some conscious goal that was aligned with the higher mind. Then we took aromatherapy oils and rubbed them over the coral to fix the sensation into the subconscious through the sense of smell. This method was very directly aimed at reaching the subconscious to create a positive integrated manifestation.

I have also used another method I learned from Long's book about pushing down into the perineum. If I feel myself coming down with a cold, and I know that the subsconscious is registering the need for more rest, or a good cry through the beginning of runny noses and weepy eyes, I can program the cold to disappear. I have to negotiate with the low self and then give it clear instructions. I will say something to the effect,"Okay so I know I am pushing too hard and not dealing with my feelings, so you (low self) want to take a few days to cry and sleep. However, I have to get this report in on Friday. After that, I will take a rest and go to the beach and let the sun soak into my body. " After this negotiation, I will then push down into the perineum and say, "No, I do not want this cold. No, do not let this cold into my body. I need my body to be strong to get this report done. Then I will rest and go to the beach." Within an hour the symptoms of the cold have disappeared and I am fine. I have done technique for at least ten years now, and the only time it fails is if I am too busy with the day to day that I do not take the time to urge my subconscious to reject the cold. It works for all kinds of invasions of the body, including viruses, bacteria, and diseases.

One of the most important factors in being programmable by other entities is the sense of guilt. Whether justified or not, the low self seems to have a lot of guilt about childhood lessons that could have been programmed through parental spanking or shaming. Spanking and yelling at children are extremely effective ways of programming them to be dysfunctional adults. For the rest of their lives, their low self seems to carry this sense of having done something 'bad" inspite of the logical mind knowing otherwise. It could be that as a child the person was told that sex was wrong. As an adult the body is designed to procreate in sexual behavior. The life force pouring through the sexual organs induces them to become stimulated and tense. To relieve the tension, it is natural to seek sexual intercourse. However, if the guilt programming from childhood is too strong, the individual may create an illness or deviance to avoid having sex which the subsconscious has learned by scoldings and parental warnings is "wrong behavior." Freud seems to feel most neurasthenia is due to such guilt complexes held by the subconscious. He was one of the first Westerners to understand the same three level principles as the Hawaiians.

Clearing guilt is an essential aspect of bringing the three selves into unity. Whenever guilt is detected, one should consciously stop and register its nature. How does it feel in the body? How does it impact conscious behavior, statements, or feelings? This is the secret of self examination that the Buddhists spend so much time examining. I have some techniques for healing soul pains at this site, that would assist in finding out what is at the source of some shame or guilt. I find it best to go into the feeling to its very core and then stare it down... unblinkingly until all the truth of the pain is revealed. My method is the opposite of what most people would want to do with painful experiences such as deny pain or run away from it. I believe that it is in walking into the fire all the anguish is burned up. My experience has been that only in being willing to feel my pain can I ever escape it. Denial and resistance just create more mess.

I have a metaphysical picture of how this guilt makes us manipulated by others. This picture involves seeing clairvoyantly or remotely into the "ether" and seeing the cords of aka that go out from people from the subconscious. Each of these cords carries a part of the person's psyche or soul force. When a child is scolded with a smack. There is briefly a leap of the soul out of the body. The subconscious sees that this shock was induced by the child waving its hands and spilling milk. So the connection is made between the happy waving of hands, the mess of spilled milk and this painful smack. A part of the psyche or soul force stays out of the body and does not reenter it. The child may make the unconscious decision that waving hands is bad. A part of the child's soul is now suspended in space grieving over it being "bad" for having waved its hands about. The longer that this part is left out in space grieving its "wickedness" the more guilt is built up. The child may become an adult and is convinced that anyone who waves their hands carelessly is someone to avoid or criticise. Criticism like this is a projection of the scolding from the milk spilling. Since they cannot see their own guilt, they see it reflected everywhere in others. Sound familiar?

When one sits in the pain guilt brings, it begins to speak like a little child that is hurt or injured. Sometimes ancient, lost, pushed out and very "bad" pain of this low self makes it appear ugly and grotesque like a monster or demon. It can be frighteningand make one feel one is going to be swallowed up by its neediness for affection and acceptance. In meditation one can sit with this monster part of oneself and just witness its message with absolute patience. Sometimes all that comes is sighing and tears. Sometimes when one has reached the very core of the pain, there is a great bliss that is unlike anything one can ever experience in personal relationships. This bliss is ground zero, the central core of our being. One little success in this endeavor and one can get addicted to clearing the subconscious as I have been for the past 20 years.

In Yardley's book she recommends methods of "kala" or cleansing (56) which is forgiveness or restoration of harmony. She says this cleansing is only effective if "the low self can be convinced that amends have been made." This is where the Kahuna would be invited to assist. If there is guilt about something done to another, then that can be set right by direct request for forgiveness. This is a feature of the 12-Step programs of alcoholics, who have harmed many beings by unconscious, pain-avoiding behavior. These programs are very effective in assisting alcoholics emerge out of 'sin' clearing the subconscious so they can set new goals without the guilt pulling them back into bad habits.

There is a further unfortunate aspect of this lost soul fragment floating around in the ether. This soul fragment can be "found" and "used" by other beings just like finding jewels. There are entities floating around all the time on the 4th dimensional frequency (the ghostly frequency) which can USE this lost Will or lost soul fragment. They take it over and use this little pull of guilt like a dog leash to pull the person whereever they want him to go. This has been done to me, so I am very much aware of how it operates. It has also been done to Osiris, my astronaut friend. Osiris is one of the most harmless people I have ever met. He is an epitome of "ahimsa" harmlessness, yet he believes that he has harmed many people and is suffused with guilt. This is entirely untrue logically, but his subconscious has been programmed by those who control him, to believe that he is very guilty and must behave in a way that suits their agenda. They have taken over his lost Will and now he has very little will of his own with which to claim his own life. Thus he has become a guilt robot. He cannot do anything against the programming of his subconscious mind which has been controlled by evil entities. The information that has been conveyed here about the souls of man is well known to the secret nefarious agencies of our country; evil thugs have misused it to control those who are knowledgeable and in power. This topic is discussed in my article on Evil.
The concept of "sin" is the whole issue of the subconscious concept of what is 'bad' and what is 'good.' As Long says, the subconscious has no discrimination about right and wrong. However, it can be programmed by upbringing, religion and society to believe deeply in certain concepts. For example, I was raised to believe that table manners were a mark of intelligence and social status. When I came to live in Texas where people ate with their fingers and put their feet on the table in public places, I was in a state of shock which has never left me to this day. My friend's daughter believes that to be spiritual she must not wear makeup or fancy clothing, so she goes around unkempt and bedraggled. Nothing logical can shake this conviction of the subsconscious. The point is that there is no logic to the rules that the low self lives by. The lessons of childhood may have been misunderstood as a child would not always comprehend its parents' scoldings. No amount of middle self logic can overcome this strange programming in the subconscious. Therefore, reprogrammingand regular clearing of guilt are essential in the steps toward bringing the selves into unity.

John Bradshaw has written an excellent series of books on shame and guilt-- the only two 'sins' there are. If we have never intended harm to another, we have never sinned. But if we subconsciously believe we have harmed others, then we often carry a big burden around with us that can stifle our entire lives and lead to all kinds of sorrows. Children of divorce are a very good example of this. They will carry the subconscious conviction through a life that they caused their parents to divorce. Such weights of guilt can be induced to control people. I have seen this with parents who make their children feel guilty if they do not take care of them in old age, or who make their children feel guilty if they do not call regularly. This guilt must be cleared out. Once it is gone we can truly be ourselves and knit up the higher and middle selves into a harmonious and glorious oneness. Any of the methods mentioned here will do this clearing.

It is the birthright of every human to be able to hear his own higher mind, his intuition and his divine Ka. We were put on this planet to be stewards, to use geomancy or fung shue to feel the energies of the Earth and care for it. Yet how many people live in touch with the Earth? Sadly for us, truly connected seers, prophets and great beings are hard to find. When the modern man does feel this wonderful cosmic connection through drugs, hypnotic states, chanting or orgasm, he considers it rare and fortuitous, not knowing that we should be in this state always.

It is worth a warning that any religion or law which restricts the human ability to access the higher mind, is NOT interested in human evolution, but devolution. It is working to create the extinction of humanity. The same goes for any dogma that says that there must be another being between a person and his higher self. Even a guru understands that his role is that of a teacher and guide between the individual and his higher mind and that eventually he must be "killed off" by the individual, or that individual must remain in dependency. Every soul's journey here is to make contact with the superconscious and live out its mission or destiny in conjunction with the two lower selves that supply the intelligence and will and the soul force or mana.

Max Freedom Long says:
If the kahunas were right in their idea that human consciousness is composed of two separate spirits on this level, with a third or superconsious spirit acting as a guardian angel, so to speak, we have in that concept an addition to psychological knowledge which is such importance as to be hard to estimate.
How should human beings be guided by the superconscious if they are cut off from their higher selves and guidance from their whole being? The very avenues to return to this state of integration such as meditation, tantric sex, use of certain halucinogens, and chanting are often most condemned by religions! This is because religions do not want church-goers to connect to their hearts and integrate with their higher minds because then there is no control, no money and no congregation. Such religions are about social control not spirit. Ask Jesus about that type of religion. If religions do not promote this connection to the higher mind WITHIN the individual, and not through an intermediary priest--no matter how holy, then the religion is worthless and will contribute to the decay and extinction of the human species. Spirituality is an attempt to tune in to the higher self and is entirely different to a religious organization. There is no other "god" than the higher self for all of us. We each have a higher self and we can access it if we will it enough through the conscious mind. We send the intention from the uhane, to the unihipili and it reaches the aumakua. There is noone who has the right to intervene in that relationship and WOE to anyone who misuses the soul of any human being.

According to Yardley,
The Kahuna taught that our goal on earth is to attain unity of the three selves, with none taking dominance, but each doing its part. Therefore, each had a specific lesson to learn. The low self must learn not to hurt others (No hurt--No sin). The middle self must learn to live and work with others (Serve to Deserve). And the Higher Self must advance to the point of loving and unselfish service to others
How can we connect the low self, middle self and high self up and attain unity?
There are many different ways to find our way back to integration and unity. The Asians of China and India offer many techniques that are scientifically designed to do just this. There are many yogas and practices like tai chi that harmonize the three selves and their efficacy has been proven through millenia. Many Westerners now practice yoga and tai chi and are finding the benefits of better health and calmer minds that result from the unity of the three aspects or souls. My personal favorite is chanting the names of the divine as is done on any street corner in India. I have used chanting when I have felt so deeply depressed that I was almost paralyzed ; I can jumpstart a whole new outlook on life in twenty minutes of drums and music and chanting; the three aspects of mind come together as one being and the kinks seem to evaporate. I have been doing this method for 20 years through all kinds of negative experiences, and it has never failed to cheer me into a happy disposition and a neutral joy in life.

Joshua David Stone has a chapter on reprogramming the subconscious in his book Soul Psychology. He offers at least 24 different methods. According to Yardley (50) to do any type of work with the three selves you need to build up energy or mana. It is important to plan and think carefully about what you wish to ask for of the higher self. The mana is living energy, like the mantra Om Namah Shivaya and carries a charge. When you are ready you send the intention from the middle self to the low self with a shout, water, aromas, intense breathing, a push, a ceremony, or a ritual to make it pay attention. Then this message is conveyed to the higher self much as we would pray. This type of impact is dramatically seen on TV evangelist programs where the people faint when they are receiving the charge from the evangelist's hands. The low self is being reprogrammed with extra mana to be positive and the healing is changing the negative illness programming of the subconscious.

Why has Humanity been stuck in the Middle Mind?

I recently met an aborigine from Australia. In a series of events around this being, who is directly related to the one remaining remnant of the original indigenous race of humans that did not have DNA manipulation, I was able to observe the differences in his conscious, subconscious and higher self compared to the Westerners around him. He was little interested in others except as a mirror for his own beauty. He was joyful, playful and unaware of many socially appropriate behaviors. If he saw something he liked, he took it without any sense of the item belonging to others. Western people would say that was how the child behaves, or the subconscious. This subconscious in him appeared to overpower the conscious mind TOTALLY. There was little moral restraint or logical control of the low self by the conscious self.

I observed his lower self manifest its enormous power . It was in his anger at an event, which he himself created because his conscious mind is lacking in logic, organization and concern for others. His anger created a rock which hit the person he perceived as guilty of frustrating him. This rock came from out of nowhere it seemed. As soon as he realized that this was his creation, he reached for the wound and covered it with his hands and kept them there for some time. The next day the wound had the visible imprint of his hand. Where his hand had not reached, was a black wound. Where his hand had been, was completely healthy tissue. All these are manifestation of the low self and its power of creating or manifesting weapons and then miraculous healing. We really do see this predominate in prehistoric people.

In considering this difference between the early human before dna manipulation and the modern human AFTER dna manipulation, it has made me draw some conclusions. Could it be that in the divine plan this early human was found to need more development of the uhane or conscious mind? And was this "FALL" from grace ( or dna manipulation) created for us in order for us to focus more on the middle mind which was not holding an equal place with the higher and lower mind in the primitive humans? Did we fall into this terrible state of inhabiting our conscious mind to the exclusion of the other minds in order to develop it to a higher level? The evidence seems to indicate this. And in this experiment to help us develop the middle mind, we see around us the disastrous results which make it now imperative that the higher mind or Ka take over and run things from now on. I believe that this is what we are seeing with the evolution of our planet and the increasing awakening of Kundalini on the planet. We are returning to our full integration, our full human potential and our role as divine stewards. Blessed Be!
All this writing has taken me about two weeks of intense revision. My higher self has told me to get it on the web for you to read. My body has had to comply with many hours in a warm apartment with the sun shining brightly outside. My body has been cramped and constricted in this essay writing on a computer, yet it has complied and done well to achieve this goal. I could not have completed this work had I not asked for and received the cooperation of all three of my souls: the lower to give the energy and the body cooperation, the middle to give the will to do it, the logic, analysis and reading skills, and the higher to give me altruistic intentions to promote knowledge in mankind. If any one of these three had not cooperated, well, you would not now be reading this.

Blessings to you dear reader for getting to the end. I cannot wish you any better gift for yourself than familiarity and a good relationship to all your souls, but especially your higher self. And to those teens on the TV talk shows that do not want to live, I say "That which you seek is within YOU! Seek no more and despair no more. Your God dwells within you--as you."


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