Time? Do We Really Have Any?

copyrighted to Isis Astarte, January 2000

Do you really have TIME?

from: ruth@aloha.net
Dear Friends of Timeship Earth:

About 1983 I was given a copy of the Intertribal Medicine Societies prophesies for 1980 - 2000. I read it with awe and have watched as the years have gone by to see if I could resonate with the predictions. Some years, I could, some years, not. It certainly is an interesting way of explaining the spiritual reality of earth.

For 1999 it says:

" The Third migration will leave this planet for the other new world and this planet will now be a starship, a spaceship, have its design of energy movement guided by all of humanity that's living here because, see, it's been a starship all along floating around a central sun but not in harmony with sister planets."

Strangely this is the year I discovered Jose Arguelles' Mayan Factor and Dreamspell Oracle which are based upon the ancient rythmns and cycles of the Timeship Earth (13:260) which had been usurped some 5000 years past by male priests who made us live by 12:60 rythmns and which put us out of sync. with the planet's heart. The outcome of this living out of sync with our planet and our sister planets has been the almost destruction of our ecosystem through out of control power, greed, and mind-based technologies which do not include the soul and heart of the mother/love. This is the year many of us have felt that we finally made it to a higher dimensional frequency and we are now firmly on an ascending path.

Also in 1999 we have witnessed humanity taking back the controls. We controlled the weather this year.. (the Hurricane that almost wiped out Florida) a monumental human achievement. We, as a mass of human consciousness said "NO!" to the negative aliens who had been wheedling into our bodies and minds to make us slaves. They have had to leave by our demand that it be so! The human being is discovering his power and gaining back the knowledge and abilities that were lost to him during these dreadful 5000 years of tyranny. The sphere of our full capacities as the essential nature of All that Is-- is coming back to us from 5000 years on a flat disk of the third dimensional existence without creativity and power. The Indians and aboriginal people, who kept the ancient ways, knowledge and frequencies, knew this time would come and this prophecy is evidence of how they held this portal of awakening open for us. We owe the native peoples so much.

In the prophecy for the year 2000 it says:

"In the year 2000 the Great Spirit will have left its seed and the egg of the everything here on this planet it will create itself 20 times over at the speed of light and thus the prophecy ends as I have been given it by the Grandmothers that I share with you now."

And so... We have much to anticipate and celebrate it seems. However, what I have been able to resonate to as the calendar years have ticked off one by one is the warning that was given me then in 1983. It said something to the effect:
"There is very little time. If you do not wake up and find out your spiritual task or mission within this short period, then you will fall back into a seed form and go into a very long night of darkness only to be brought back here as a seed to begin the process all over again from scratch in order to undo all the karma you created during this period. Speed towards clearing your subsconscious and your karma. Do everything you can do never tiring of working on yourself to make yourself as awake and aware as you possibly can before the end times. Once they come, it is all over and there is nothing you can do."

With this prophecy before me, that was what I set out to do. It was hard, it was wearying, it was misunderstood, and it was lonely. I could not share this road. I plodded on, sometimes getting lazy and pretending that I could "goof off" for a year, or just go out and indulge my senses one more time as I did before this. But each time my spirit scolded me with twisted ankles, lack of funds, obstacles and problems until I got back onto the path of self awareness and clearing out the subconscious.

The people around me wondered at my life-- so austere, so boring, so dull seeming. While I spent my weekends meditating and chanting, they went to parties of drugs and alcohol. While I stayed celibate and contemplative, they had lovers and liaisons. While I stayed in a low paying teaching job to keep my integrity intact, they sought the Anunnaki gold. They pitied me. Indeed, I pitied myself sometimes too, but I could not do anything but keep on this path for the fire in my belly was only to keep on learning more and more about silence and more and more about peace and love within the technology of the soul. Some of you will resonate with my story, remembering how hard it was to swim against the stream to be always out of sync with other people who were still living in an unconscious time-line. But today, the very end of 1999, we are witnessing a paradigm shift in values. It appears that those who have been working diligently on themselves are experiencing random moments of utter joy. This joy is not manufactured by any other being nor thing in the outside world. It is a joy springing from a heart aligned to the highest self; it is self generated and totally awesome. The long years of dredging up the ego's perversions and secret hiding places, the agonies of the inner child struggling to communicate its needs, the diligences of spotting the shadow self in its trickery.. now pay off.

Celebration time is at hand.
For these people...
But Lo... all those who put off their evolution for a few more years of playing with their senses, who had to go through one more dysfunctional relationship, who needed just one more cigarette or joint, or bottle, or football game or night in front of the TV set.. what of them?

It appears their lives are falling apart. Their relationships have disappeared. They stand naked before the light that is creating that very joy for others, and they are howling in fear, terror and chaos. Their subconscious issues are not only kicking them in the head and stomach, but knocking their feet out from under them. The unhealed fear of the inner child is howling "Let me out." Tons of karma seems to be pouring over them in waves that threaten to drown them.

They see you at peace and ask, "Can you help me?" In compassion at first you want to say "Yes, but you have to devote all your time and effort right now to nothing but clearing out your issues or you will self-destruct in the intensity of light that is coming." And they stare in shock.. for the sudden realization is here that they wasted the time that was given to clean up the psyche, and the psyche takes more than a second to be cleaned up. It takes a lot of work, integration, pain, healing and sheer hard gut work...and TIME.

There is very little time left for this invaluable work. The realization is pretty overwhelming to those than even can glimpse at it.

"Yes okay, but," they ask "Can you help ME NOW?" Then you realize you have to say

"No. Only you can do that now. The time for teachers is over. The teachers came in the 70's and 80's. What were you doing then? They were here calling you. Why did you not hear them? I cannot be your teacher. Only YOU can be your own teacher."
For many these are chilling words. Having no preparation, where do they begin?

Well it is not all grim. Fortunately, there are godzillions of angels waiting to help if we ask..the higher self will accelerate the process if we but indicate our desire to be aboard Timeship Earth on her magical journey of harmony and love.

Setting intention is everything; even small tasks in that direction will bring great rewards. At this time even a little intention to clean up and shape up will bring merit. My guru said that in ancient times it was very very hard work to gain self-realization, but in these times of acceleration, it is much easier and there are many beings standing by to assist. For this journey is about love.. and only love. Nothing else will remain on Timeship Earth; fear will be gone, anger will be gone, hatred will be gone, domination will be gone, tyranny will be gone, arrogance, greed and pride will be gone..and ignorance of who a human being is will also be gone.

To get on board...the only ticket for this ship is the heart and its love. There is not much time.. there is no time to waste, but it is not too late.. we have just a magical thirteen more solar years....to 2013.

My blessings always, Isis

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