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Subject: Fung Shue & The Water Devas

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Recently a friend who owns a restaurant in a small town near here found out that I am able to influence the energies of places and to divine the other dimensional energies that affect them, such as the devic spirits and cosmic or intergalactic beings. She asked my help with her restaurant for it seems there had been inharmonious events and occurences there which made her feel there was some negative energy involved. In one case a sink hole had appeared in front of the restaurant, causing some concern about the stability of the building.

I was able to discern that there was indeed a very upset entity which lived in the fresh water stream running perpendicularly behind the property. The devic entity was totally incensed that her restaurant had been built right in line with an underground water way from the stream to the ocean. The restaurant had been built over this water way (which may or may not have been known to the builder as it appeared to be deep under the ground), and because of the restaurant being a "dry" space, the energy of the water flow from the stream to the ocean was interrupted and blocked.

I understood from this entity that this flow of water was an energy line similar to a ley line, but blue and emanating from "water". It was the first time that I had been aware of such "water lines." I got the impression from the entity that it was through this water line connection to the ocean that it communicated important information to the whales and dolphin, and that since this restaurant had been built there, this connection had been disrupted. This being was therefore, more than a little anxious to communicate with me about a solution and was grabbing at my side before I even started to tune in.

I suggested that the owner of the restaurant do puja (worship) at the stream edge each day before the restaurant opened. I suggested a special ritual ceremony to ask forgiveness for the intrusion. This was rejected. So I asked the entity, "What will make you satisfied?" The answer was very direct and specific. The owner had to put some kind of water containers in a line that followed the same water line as the original underground stream, from the front door through the restaurant to the back wall. Then the devic entity would be satisfied as this would restore the energy flow of blue from the stream through the restaurant to the63%wall. Then the devic entity would be satisfied as this would restore the energy flow of blue from the stream through the restaurant to the ocean which is about a mile away.

As it happens, the owner said that she had already gotten a small water fountain, but it had not been installed. I suggested a fish tank that was fairly large and long that would stretch along this stream line. She agreed, although it would not be easy to do with the layout of the tables inside the restaurant.

I informed the entity that the restaurant owner would comply with its request and install the water fountains and some kind of fish tank in a line to assist the flow of the blue water energy line. The devic entity seemed satisfied and said that we would see an improvement in the energy at the restaurant if these things were done.

A week later the restaurant owner asked me to check in and see if there had been a change since they had installed not only a water fountain near the front door, but large cobalt blue jugs 24" high filled with water in a line from front to back. Her husband had taken the challenge and gone all out to fulfil the requirements of the devic entity.

I tuned into the devic entity from the stream and found great excitement there. There was a great gathering of delighted spirits as many kahunas and other devas had felt the change in vibration and had come to observe this miraculous reciprocation and harmonious interaction between human and devic realm. It was like a celebration going on. I also saw that some space ships were observing this from the ocean side, and they appeared to be Sirians curious about this change in the grid line. In explaining this to the restaurant owner, I made an analogy to a spiders web. Before when the restaurant was blocking the energy flow, there was a tear in the web, but with the alignment of the water jugs, there was restored a line of power that completed some grid that even on the other dimensions could be felt. There was immense feeling of admiration and wonder, of joy and excitement that the veils between the realms had been lifted and communication and negotiation had taken place and effected a wondrous 'win/win' solution for all beings on many dimensions. The devic entity informed me that the restaurant would no long have water running directly underneath the property, but the flow of the stream to the ocean would be diverted to the east (Koko Head) and leave the west (Ewa) side of the building dry and on firm solid soil. We hope to check on this in a month or two to see that this has indeed been the case.

My work in the etheric realms is never boring, always unique, intriguing and surprising.

Aloha from Hawaii, Isis Astarte

UPDATE November 1999:

Recently I visited the restaurant to get a first hand feeling for the building and what the owners had done to appease the water deva. The restaurant is open and lively with an excellent menu. The employees appear to be young and reliable. Service is good and the place has a comfortable "homey" feeling. Regarding the fung shue and communications with the water deva, the most noticeable thing the owner said was that there had been a definite and positive change in the energy. It was noticeable to everyone, and they had had no more problems with cracks and sinking of their restaurant. The cobalt blue jugs sit atop a room divider and the color definitely seems to bring a a special energy to the place. There is no water fountain as in good fung shue, and I was disappointed not to find it installed. I encouraged the owner to consider this for the future. So it appears that this work has had a very noticeable effect on this restaurant, but the owner says that the buildings around her have all had worse problems with sinking and cracking walls, and there is now an expensive law suit being brought against the builders. There are already engineers investigating the extent of the damage from the buildings sinking next to the stream and across the street where the original stream flowed to the ocean.
When I heard this I realized what a wonderful opportunity it would be to help the devas and the businesses. I would really enjoy seeing what I could do with fung shue to help the situation. How much would it cost to do a little fung shue compared to the millions that are going to be spent on shoring up the buildings, and even then they may still not be free of their problems?
Dear Reader.. do you see what a waste is created when man ignores the devic realm and just ploughs through with his mad-brained schemes without asking all elements their permission and blessings? What a difference cooperation and communication can make.
This is a hint of the possible future we can have when we align with our highest intention and consider ourselves multidimensional beings.
What a different world we shall live in. Aloha,

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