The Way of No Thinking by Kunihiro Yamate

The Way of No Thinking

Kunihiro Yamate
The Prophecies of Kunihiro Yamate
Translated by Robt. Engler p.103

What happened was that some life we could call ectoplasm entered into the brain of these new primates from a dimension outside of earth and the evolutionary continuum. The resulting hybrid was the thinking human--Homo Sapiens-- part nature's evolutionary continuum, part thinking ectoplasm from outside of the natural evolutionary continuum


The book can be obtained by contacting -The Way of No Thinking, by Robt. Engler Excerpts from the book :

p. 27:

"I predict that by the beginning of the twenty first century, we're going to see, very clearly, a complete breakdown of the economic structure of modern Western civilization

(which thinks its ways are the only ways,) and of every other area of human life built on similar concepts of individualism, possession, ethnocentrism and humanism. p. 29 "Wake up calls are coming not only from the weather, the climate, the people and institutions of our various societies and cultures, but out of the very earth and the heavens. Some force deep within the universe is calling to us.

Our response to today's environmental destruction illustrates our folly thus far. We view it as an economic, political and cultural crisis threatening our human existence. This human-centered approach has the problem backwards--viewing the environment as a problem for humans, whereas in fact, it is just the opposite:

humans are a problem for the environment.

This response also indicates that we are totally missing the significance of the event. Instead of it being a crisis or a threat, the breakdown of our environment is an impulse coming from within the earth itself. It is an urge for us humans to lead a life more in accord with nature or some more original state.

p. 31. "What the children of today and tomorrow are doing, I think, is this--returning to that state of being nothing special, of being ordinary creatures living alone with, in accord with, everything else on the earth, of being level as pebbles, chips of wood, and insects--no better, no worse. All living by the same life, quickened and sustained by the one same Consciousness. ...In some ways they seem like space aliens, they are so different.

Many of us will not be able to make the adjustment, even if warned that our survival now depends on it. And the fact is that things have come that far--our survival does depend on this awakening. As a result, our survival seems in jeopardy. The time is rapidly approaching when our half-hatched, human, lord of creation religions, sciences, economies, therapies, cultures, manners and ideologies will be no longer relevant or able to accomplish anything for our survival--let alone our advancement.

p. 38. "We have definitely entered an era of encounters between an enormous array of phenomena, encounters surpassing time and space, perpendicularly, and vertically, ....It is truly an era of infinite options and borderlessness.....not understand what is wrong, we feel threatened. When we're threatened, we react with displeasure. This is a sign that we are not open; our energy lines to life are blocked and closed.

By living boldly outside of the accepted norms of thinking-human society, these people, cultures and movements provide us with a very clear preview of things to come. If we open our chakras, we will not be upset, for we'll discover that there is really nothing wrong. We will resonate with them and take their message to heart. We will be prepared for what lies ahead.

p.44 The word "algo-net" is an abbreviated form of algorithm and network. Algorithm is a mathematical term; a step-by-step probelm-solving procedure, or a rule for solving a certain type of problem. Algo-net then suggests being interconnected also, but in a way characterized by a rule, by plodding, already determined, rigid, heavy and slow interaction (in contrast to the quick, spontaneous, free energy of live-net).

Live-net feelings are true, honest, sincere and authentic feelings. Live-net people are able to stand up and do what they want to do. They don't settle for a mess. They are satisfied only with what is meant to be right and satisfying for them. That does not make them self-centered anarchists. They are conscious of our interconnectedness. They are centered, balanced. ...

p.45. In contrast, algo-net feelings are what one shows to the outside, though they differ from one's honest, innrmost feelings. Alog-net people are beaten down into submission. They don't rock the boat and they try to be satisfied with wht they are given. They have little if any sense of connectedness to toehr people orthings; they are even disconnected from their real selves. Their egos are fed by their separation from or superiority to others, or bled byfeelings of inferiority. They are uneven, and they neither have nor do anything in balance.

Government bodies, school systems, religions, legal and medical systes, and other organizations of society, business and industry, small and large, even family values and traditions, have become so bound up, so top-heavy with rules and handed down procedures that they can no longer be vital and alive --despite free will and democracy. What is more, they are all getting so wound up in their own egos, their own importance, and their own little worlds that they are totally isolated and unresponsive to anyone or anything outside of themselves. They are algo-net.

Human reactions to these algo-net social organizations and media are changing rapidly. People are no longer content with what is just available to given to them by the algo-net. We are reawakening to the fact that we are one living being, all connected, spontaneous, fast and free, vibrant and alive--a living network.....We are distintegrating because we have lost this awareness, this consciousness.

p. 47

What do you really, honestly want? That is the key question of the live-net era

...Unless we in our human body, or the company-body, the government body, or the society body to which we are intimately connected, recover consciousness that we are all one life, we will no longer survive.

[inserted italics]. This recovery is the standard by which everything will be judged from now on. This recovery will bring everything in the whole body of the Universe back to the way things ought to be-alive, connected, fully awakened and in perfect balance. Cells tissues and organs are connected inside our bodies by a miraculous network of blood vessels, nerves and energy lines, the whole body constantly seeking a state of balance and centeredness. In the human body we call it homeostasis. On a larger scale, the Universe-Body is try to recover homeostasis. Returning everyone and everything to the status of live-net is the clear sign of this.

p. 64. Right off the bat we should note that this effort to make a transition into a purely live-net world will be creating a vast new market in itself, because manipulation of hte algo-net is already a striking new demand. So, I can see three new industries growing out of this situation: erasing industries, switching industries and new formation industries..... Neither cigarettes nor alcohol will continue into the twentyfirst century. There will be no room for products that age the cells of the human body.


This process must be based on one clear principle: adjust to the new generation. In traditional society the principle was just the opposite: the newer generation had to adjust to the wave length of the older generations. It is in the young people now coming on the scene that the renewal impulse of the universe-body is appearing. It only makes sense to put all our effort into letting that come out clearly so that we can survive. That is really metadreaming--transcending the dream of previous generations.

p.81 ...we have to admit that thinking and using our heads to understand the situation has not resulted in much concrete success. We have had trouble with our children, students and young workers all through the ages. From time immemorial we have followed the strategy of using discipline, education, socialization and religion to indoctrinate our children with the particular value system that has suited our time, location, circumstances and beliefs. Then all through the ages we have followd the method of using discipline, punishment, authority and even police power to enforce and maintain that value system.

p.83. We have to admit that subbornly continuing to place our primary identity on the characteristic of reasoning is causing us many problems to day.

p.84 Layers and layers of algo-net conditioning ... have gradually clouded our consciouness of the living network of which we are actually an integral part. Each of us comes on the scene with that consciousness intact, but well-meaning (and not so well-meaning) parents, teachers, religious, cultural and governmental leaders have covered that consciousness over with better ideas that succeeding generations of thinking-human brains have thought up or higher powers have revealed. .... Nevertheless, the first rule of this transition period is going to be to realize that all of life is trying to recover and return to existence as a living network.... we can learn the way back to live-net living from the young...they will not be silenced. They will not be forced into the algo-net way of life. That being the case, no multitude of scholarly analyses is going to help us understand how to deal with this age.

Only waking up or rather re-awakening ourselves will reveal how.

p. 93.

It is becoming increasinly clear that as a result of science, the consciousness of most modern humans has become a very limited, restricted power. Accessing full consciousness is not difficult. The difficulty comes from mental blocks throw up by the systems that oddly enough are supposed to enhance our knowledge and expand our consciousness. Reasoning! Logic! Cause and effect! There are what are slowing us down. Shaking off their hold on our minds, freeing ourselves from their tight grip--this is the difficulty.

p. 96. No matter how far we investigate the life of the world scientifically-biologically, then chemically, then physically, the explanation of life evades us. ...As long as scientific methodology, empiricism, is used, we are condemned forever to going around in circles, in time-consuming complicated efforts to obtain impossible-to-get information.


The key to freedom lies in the question: "What is a 'human' being?"

p. 102. In other words, we humans have a role to play, a function to fulfill within the immediate larger body which sustains and energies us--planet Earth. The function or role we play is that of catalyst. To be a catalyst, however, one has to be in some way outside of the system on which the catalyst is working. ...and did something come into us from outside of nature?


What happened was that some life we could call ectoplasm entered into the brain of these new primates from a dimension outside of earth and the evolutionary continuum. The resulting hybrid was the thinking human--Homo Sapiens-- part nature's evolutionary continuum, part thinking ectoplasm from outside of the natural evolutionary continuum

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