Robert Shleser, Ph.D.

PO Box 560 Waimanalo HI 96795
Phone: (808) 259-5042
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He studied Chemistry at the State University of New York at Buffalo,  
received a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture in 1962, a Master's degree in Genetics in 1963,
and a Biophysics and Molecular Genetics in 1966 
from Purdue University. He held postdoctoral positions at Scripps Clinic and Research 
Foundation, LaJolla California, 1967-68; The Carnegie Institution Washington and National 
Institutes of Health, 1969-70.  From 1970-1975 he served on the faculty of the University of 
California at Davis as Assistant Professor of Genetics and Assistant Professor of Aquaculture. 
During this period he established and became the Director of the Interdisciplanary Aquaculture 
Research Program at Bodega Marine Laboratory of the University of California.

In 1975 he became a consultant to the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee of the US House of Representatives to draft the National Aquaculture Plan. He was the Program Manager for the Aquaculture Planning Program of the State of Hawaii from 1976-77. and joined James M. Montgomery Consulting Engineers as the Director of the Marine Sciences Division in 1978 to develop a conceptual plan for the Land Pavilion at Disney World.

He became the Director and Vice President of the Oceanic Institute in Hawaii in 1977. Over the period 1977 to 1984 he developed a multi-species multi-disciplinary aquaculture program and managed diverse research programs with private sector and multi-agency support. In 1984 he founded the consulting company Aquacultural Concepts, Inc. (ACI), Hawaii; and the Northern Caribbean Shrimp Company, Puerto Rico. In addition to international business development in aquaculture, ACI received a SBIR grant from the National Science Foundation to develop Two stage immobilized cell bioreactor technology for conversion of organic wastes to methane and sugars to ethanol.

From 1990 to the present while maintaining an interest in aquaculture Dr Shleser became involved with agriculture/energy issues in the Pacific Basin. His focus has been on the bioconversion of organic materials to methane and ethanol. During this period he participated on USAID and Asian Development Bank teams evaluating waste conversion opportunities in Micronesia, Thailand, and the Philippines while serving as a consultant on the economics of biomass conversion to Unisyn Corporation of Hawaii.

In 1993 he was hired as the consultant on ethanol production technology to the State of Hawaii Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism to produce the report Ethanol Production from Biomass in Hawaii. In 1994 he joined the staff of the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR) as the Coordinator of the Sustainable Biomass Energy Program. In this capacity he coordinated comprehensive programs to evaluate opportunities to utilize out-of-production sugar lands to grow crops that could be processed to produce ethanol or electricity. Private sector activities based on these activities are now in progress.

In 1995 Dr. Shleser was a recipient of a SBIR grant from the National Science Foundation to conduct research on "Selective Breeding of Marine Shrimp". He is a certified member of the American Society of Agricultural Consultants and has more than 60 publications in the areas of biotechnology, resource management, genetics, and aquaculture.

Dr Shleser resides just outside of Honolulu Hawaii in the small town of Waimanalo.

The photo is of the beach at Waimanalo

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