Online Resource for Philosophy 6600

Professional Ethics and the Military

Hawaii Pacific University

James A. Stroble

First of all: Google it!  There are other search engines, but this is now the most popular. Google Scholar (Beta) is better for academic purposes.  

It is a valuable talent to do keywork searches that find exactly what you are looking for. Use exclusions, include alternate terms and spellings, and good luck.  And remember, just because a web search doesn't find it, that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Use some hardcopy resources, or online indexes to them like university libraries'  online catalogs.

The International Society for Military Ethics [Formeryly known as the Joint Services Conference on Professional Ethics]  meets yearly, and has on-line versions of papers available.

Ethics Updates [Now called Ethics MATTERS] has a section on Military Ethics  Except it is now called War, Peace, and Terrorism.

A good all-around philosophy site, Epistemelinks.

The standard for research in recent (relatively) publications in philosophy is the The Philosopher's Index, which can be accessed through the UH Libraries (As far as I can tell HPU does not subscribe to this, but check with your librarian!)

I recently became aware of which looks to have good links to both classical texts and commentary on recent events.