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The Hawaii County Fire Department's "Fire Protection Division" has the responsibility of protecting life and property from fire and other multifarious emergencies.  HFD's multi-emergency work force manages a variety of crises throughout the island of Hawaii and adjacent shores. HCFD provides the following services for all Big Island residents and visitors: (1) Fire suppression (structural, vehicular, brush, crops, etc.), (2) medical emergencies (pre-hospital for traumatic or natural illness), (3) land and sea rescues involving water sports or fishing, overdue hikers, hunters, or fishermen, etc; (4) vehicular or other extrications, (5) hazardous materials mitigation. [Text pulled from the Hawaii County FD Annual Reports].

HCFD / EMS Department Structure

The Hawaii County Fire Department has 20 full-time fire/medic stations, and twenty volunteer fire stations. There are over 60+ pieces of apparatus available for a variety of emergencies that may occur on the Big Island's 4,028 square miles (yes, it is a VERY huge island with limited resources).

Battalion Divisions

For firefighting purposes, the County of Hawaii is divided into two battalion areas, East and West. All multiple-alarm calls (structure fires, rescues, and auto-accident with extrication) require a full-alarm assignment in which a Battalion Chief is called to respond as well. The Battalion Chief's primarily responsibility is to provide direction and control of an incident so that other emergency services can render assistance, should it become necessary.


All dispatches for Fire and Medical units are done on 154.385 MHz using a two-tone paging system similar to those used by the Federal Fire Department on Oahu and various Emergency Medical Services departments within the state. Unlike other Fire/EMS/Rescue departments which dispatch only fire or medical calls, Hawaii County dispatches both departments, and is able to coordinate co-response units much quicker than on Maui or even Oahu.

Each station/medic unit is assigned a pre-determined tactical frequency as outlined below. All on-scene communications and status reports take place on that one frequency, and Medics switch over to 453.4000 (Medicom) for all hospital-to-ambulance communications. Channels 4 and 5 are tactical simplex frequencies used in major multiple-alarm emergencies where coordination and direction is of utmost importance.

Ch.	Output	Input	PL	Description
F-1	154.385-153.950	186.2	Fire/EMS Dispatch
F-2	154.310-153.890	186.2	HCFD Area Operations
F-3	154.445-154.010 186.2	HCFD Area Operations
F-4	154.130-154.130	186.2	HCFD Tactical Simplex
F-5	154.445-154.445	186.2	HCFD Tactical Simplex
F-6	154.205-154.205 186.2	HCFD Tactical Simplex
F-7	154.310-154.310 186.2	HCFD Tactical Simplex
F-8	154.385-154.385	186.2	HCFD Tactical Simplex
	453.400-458.400		MEDICOM-Hospital to Ambulances Comms

Fire Stations/Medic Quarters
Apparatus Key: E=Engine, CH=Chopper, H=Hazmat, M=Medic, R=Rescue, T=Tanker

Stn	Btn	Location		Tac-Freq 	Apparatus
1	East	Central			154.310		Engine 1, Medic 1, Tanker 1, Assistant Fire Chief (East Side)
1A      East    Pepeekeo VFD		154.310
2       East    Waiakea			154.310		Engine 2, Rescue 2, Rescue Boat 2, Chopper 1, Fuel Truck
3       East    Kawailani		154.310		Engine 3, Medic 3
4       East    Kaumana			154.310		Engine 4, Hazmat 4, (air compressor on trailer)
5       East    Keaau			154.445		Engine 5, Medic 5, Brush 5
5A      East    Keaau-VFD		154.445         
5B      East    Keaau-VFD		154.445
5C      East    Keaau-VFD		154.445
5D      East    Fern Acres VFD		154.445
6       West    Captain Cook		154.310  	Engine 6, Medic 6
6A      West    Milolii			154.310
6B	West	Kona Paradise Sub.	154.310
7       West    Kailua-Kona		154.310		Engine 7, Ladder 7, Medic 7, Rescue 7, Rescue Boat 7, Tanker 7
7B      West    Kalaoa			154.310
7D      West    Four Seasons VFD	154.445
8       East    Honokaa			154.445		Engine 8, Medic 8, X-ray 8 (For Waipio Valley Incidents)
8A	East	Honokaa VFD		154.445
9       West    Waimea			154.445		Engine 9, Medic 9, Tanker 9
9A      West    Waikii Ranch VFD	154.445
10      East    Pahoa			154.445		Engine 10, Medic 10, Tanker 10
10A     East    Pahoa-VFD		154.445
10B     East    Pahoa-VFD		154.445
10C     East    Hawaiian Pdse Park VFD	154.445*
10D	East	Fern Forest		154.445
11      East    Pahala			154.310		Engine 11
11A     East    Naalehu			154.310		Medic 11
11B     East    Discovery Harbor VFD	154.310
11C     East    HOVE			154.445
11D     East	Pahala VFD		154.445
12      West    Keauhou			154.310		Engine 12, Medic 12
14      West    South Kohala		154.445		Engine 14, Medic 14, Tanker 14, Chopper 2, Fuel Truck
14A     West    South Kohala VFD	154.445
15      West    North Kohala		154.445		Engine 15, Medic 15
15A     West    North Kohala VFD	154.445
16      West    Waikoloa		154.445		Engine 16, Medic 16, Tanker 16, Assistant Fire Chief (West Side)
16A     West    Waikoloa VFD		154.445
16B	West	Waikoloa VFD		154.445
17      East    Laupahoehoe		154.445		Engine 17, Brush 17
17A     East    Laupahoehoe VFD		154.445
18      East    Hawaiian Paradise Park	154.445		Engine 18
18A	East	Orchid Land		154.445
19      East    HVNP			154.310		Medic 19
19A	East	
20	East	HOVE			154.445		Engine 20 (New designation, not yet online)
FEDERAL		Pohakuloa Training Area

Chopper 1 is the Rescue Chopper housed at the Waiakea Fire Station
Chopper 2 is the Medevac Chopper housed at the South Kohala Fire Station


Hawaii County Police Department Response Codes


Normal response


Emergency response (no lights & siren)


Emergency response (lights & siren)

Hawaii County Police Department 10-Codes

10-1 Return to station 10-14 Chow
10-2 Call ____ 10-15 Officer in trouble
10-3 Meet officer/complainant 10-16 Prisoner/subject in custody
10-4 Acknowledge 10-17 Direct traffic
10-5 Location 10-18 Test signal
10-6 Repeat 10-19 Motor vehicle accident (MVA)
10-7 Arrived at scene 10-27 Drivers license check
10-8 In service 10-28 License plate check
10-9 Off the car (give location) 10-44 Suspect left scene
10-10 EMS Call 10-92 Parking violation
10-11 Expedite 10-96 Drunk/DUI
10-12 Lavatory 10-99 Bomb threat
10-13 Call home

Hawaii County Fire-Rescue-EMS 10-Codes

10-0 Unreachable by radio 10-7 Standing by
10-1 Responding 10-8 Call by phone
10-2 At scene 10-9 Repeat
10-3 Returning to station 10-10 Transporting patient
10-4 Acknowledge 10-11 Transporting DOA
10-5 At station 10-X Available by radio
10-6 Situation report 10-Y Available at home

Hawaii County EMS Patient & Priority Transport Codes


Patient in good/fair condition

Priority 1

Emergency transport to ____ hospital.
Bravo Patient in serious condition

Priority 2

Priority transport to ____ hospital.
Charlie Patient in critical condition

Priority 3

Routine transport to ____ hospital.
Delta Patient DOA

Hawaii County Police Department Info